WWE Marketing Strategies – Marketing Strategies I Learned By Watching Wrestling

April 12, 2019 therebelsociety

WWE Marketing Strategies – Marketing Strategies I Learned By Watching Wrestling

This past weekend, I celebrated one of my favorite weekends of the year, Wrestlemania Weekend.  There are a lot of people who don’t like wrestling or just don’t understand it and that’s fine.  It has been something that I’ve been a fan of since 1992 when I was 6 or 7 when my granddad and I used to watch it together.  Over the years I have just went from someone who likes the entertainment of it to someone that really understands the ins and outs of wrestling from the bookers, backstage politics, who’s in the doghouse, who is about to get a push and so on (there is a lot that is involved with wrestling).  So as you can tell I’m really an expert on this.  Once I became an adult though and became an entrepreneur I realized that some of the principles and strategies that the WWE uses in their product have seeped over into how I promote in my business.  So I just wanted to share some of those strategies that you can use to promote your business.  CAN YOU DIG IT!!!! (Booker T voice).

Build Anticipation

There are a lot of brands that do this but I feel like the WWE does this actually better than anyone else.  WWE will produce multiple video packages or vignettes that will highlight a new wrestler that is being introduced to its audience.  Some of the best ones that they did were for Mr. Perfect back in the early 90s and some of the creative ones they did for Chris Jericho.  When this is done correctly, those wrestlers are much bigger names when they actually appear.  When it comes to building up your brand you need to build anticipation for the things you do.  The key to this is just to pique your audience’s interest.  So you don’t want to give up too much of what you are doing.  The more mysterious the better.  The key is to let people know you are doing something without directly telling them what you are doing.

Anything/ Anyone Can Be The Next Big Thing With The Right Story

In pretty much everything you do, telling the correct story can go a long way for you.  In WWE, storylines are everything.  Right now, the WWE just finished telling the story of a black wrestler named Kofi Kingston who has been in the company for 11 years and was always being held down and never given an opportunity of wrestling for the company’s biggest prize, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Spoiler alert, he actually won the heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania.  This story allowed people to follow along with his journey and people were chanting his name at every show they had.  Before they started to tell this story, he was just another good wrestler.  So with this story, they were able to bring this wrestler from average wrestler to world champion.  In business, if you allow people to follow along with your journey or show how you go from point A to point B of your career you will have people pushing you along the way.  We all saw this with Cardi B.  We were able to follow her along her journey and when she actually had a number 1 single everyone was rooting for her.

Hide Your Weaknesses.

To me, one of the greatest minds when it comes to wrestling is Paul Heyman.  He was the founder of a wrestling company called ECW, which pretty much took the most random group of wrestlers and made them into superstars.  The way he did that was by pretty much taking the one characteristic that stood out about them and doubling down on that.  The guys who were great talkers, he just let them talk and only had them wrestler for five minutes.  The guys who were great wrestlers but poor talkers, he had them wrestler for 20-minute classics and gave them managers to talk for them.  When it comes to business, this principle stands out because you should always highlight what makes you or your brand stand out the most.  Of course, there are going to be things that you are bad at and with those things you should try to improve if they are important to what you do otherwise hide them.

Be Consistent With Your Content

Most people don’t really think about this but WWE’s flagship show, RAW has been on TV for like 20 years.  So it has put out 2-3 hours of content per week for 20 plus years.  On top of that, they have a secondary show Smackdown that has been on tv for 15 plus years.  Add onto the fact that they now have their WWE Network which puts out hours of content a week.  What I learned from this is just the fact of building a large audience comes to being consistent with what you are doing.  There really isn’t anything else to say about this but just be consistent with a great product and you will be the large audience you are looking for.

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