December 23, 2016 therebelsociety

Why Your Podcast Isn’t Growing

This is the end of 2016, and during this calendar year and at least for the past year and a half the growing trend in the entertainment industry is people having a podcast. Podcasts have been allowing people to talk about everything from politics, sports, the arts, entertainment, race issues and everything in between. Even though there are a lot of high profile podcasts there are also been an explosion of everyday people starting podcasts as well in hopes of being the breakout podcast star.

With this new influx of podcasts there are a majority of people who have no idea of how to get their voices heard. The reason for this is because these podcasters are horrible at marketing. Besides having great content, marketing is the thing that can take your podcast from having 5 fans to 5000 fans. So everytime I see a podcast they are usually all making the same mistakes so felt like compiling a small list of what podcasters can do to get their voices heard.

– First and foremost, put out content. I know that is very vague but I’ll dive into it more
Create a Facebook post around the topic that is being talked about. If the podcast conversation is around favorite music albums of the year you can have a post that says, “Was having a discussion on my podcast about the best album of the year, I thought Beyoncés album Lemonade is the best, what do you all think?” There will be a lot of engagement in the post since people love to have their opinion heard in one of the posts somebody is going to say, “what’s the link to the podcast. I want to check it out”
– On Instagram, create a post with the best and controversial quote from the podcast. If you said Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the best tv show ever and put that quote over a photo of that person, that will drove engagement.
– Create quick 3-5 min video snippets of parts of the podcast where somebody said something profound or interesting.
– When you put out your links at the bare minimum you should post the topics that are discussed on the blog
– Have a guest on the podcast that has some type of influence or social following where you can tag them in the post. That way their following will see it and want to check it out as well.

These are the essential things that are needed to really get views and eyes on your podcast.  If you have a podcast please try these things and send me an email ( saying if these work for you.  I look forward to hearing your response on this but I will guarantee this will work.

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