December 16, 2016 therebelsociety

Why Does Everybody Think I’m A Photographer????

For the past 6 years if anybody would have asked me what I do I always would have described myself as a marketer and a brand Strategist. For the past couple of months since I’ve quit my day job and actually some time before people have labeled me many different things such as a photographer, videographer, podcaster (me and my wife had a podcast for a quick second), and a love guru but not a marketer. This has been something that has gotten to me especially over the past 3 months. To me it’s crazy because everytime people ask me I say that, my Instagram bio says that, and my site says it as well.

Once I started to look at what I put out to the public I’ve then realized that even though I consider myself to be a marketer my actions and what I put out on my social media is that I’m a photographer/videographer. Most of what I put out is photos that I’ve taken from photoshoots I’ve had with “marketing” clients or videos that are part of larger marketing plans. So I guess to the general public it does look like I’m a photographer. So what do I do about this??? That’s the question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

“Even though I consider myself to be a Marketer my actions and what I put out on my social media is that I’m a Photographer/Videographer”

Lately I’ve been coming to realize that the only real way to do this is to turn myself into a Marketing/Branding
. I know that sounds very weird. To me to really get out of a hole like this is really just to put out content where you work with different people, show your life and just give out the best business and marketing advice possible.

So now that I’ve come up with the solution to my issue that I’ve been facing for the whole 2016 now it’s just time to do what I do best and that’s EXECUTE.

(Please follow me on Instagram and watch my journey as I work my way to becoming a name in the content marketing space and if I look like I’m slipping please send me a message or comment and tell me GET IT TOGETHER, thanks)

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