December 20, 2016 therebelsociety

When To Work With Us

So…. When it comes to business this is how it usually goes. They have a business that isn’t where they think it should be in presentation as well as in profits (ultimately that’s what matters the most). Then they ask for advice from other business owners on things they can do to increase their business, and those people give them advice that doesn’t really work for them or they have the time to do it. Then, they say to their self “maybe I need somebody to handle my marketing for me” (not even really knowing what marketing is but they have heard that a couple of times). Then they search around for companies that do marketing and these companies either don’t feel right, too expensive or really just isn’t a good fit.

Does that story sound similar???? Well that pretty much sums up what the clients I get go through every time before they get to us. Their business is just starting or has grown stagnant and want to do something different with it but don’t really know where to start at. So this is just a couple of quick little tips to know when you need to contact us. Ok, you’re ready?!?!?!?!

– You have a big event coming up but nobody is really talking about it and there is no momentum.
– You are starting a brand new business venture from the ground up and you don’t have anything for it, not a site, not a photo, or even a logo and even when you get that you don’t know how to get customers.
– You are a media personality with a podcast, vlog, web series, tv/radio show, etc and want to expand your reach and make money from it.
– You are writing a book and want to make sure it gets the most eyes on it while you focus on writing your life’s work.
– You feel the visuals for your brand are dry and could use a facelift
– You need to get more (PAYING) Fans for your product/ service. Emphasis on paying!
– Your company/ brands social media presence isn’t bringing you any new customers and you really just don’t have time to do it.
– Or even though this is very cliche but just take your brand to the next level

If you or your company falls in any of these categories then you definitely need to contact us for a Discovery meeting. Our agency gives you that killer first impression and creates content that turns casual fans into lifetime paying customers. Don’t mean to pat our self on the back but we are just good at what we do. So look forward to hearing from you soon.

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