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What I’ve Learned Since I Quit My Job???

For the past 6 or 7 months I’ve felt like i have been living a completely different life. Before that time I would wake up early and try to go to the gym, go to a job that I hated and try to work on my side hustle on the weekends. Since I quit my job my daily routine, the way I hang with friends (or lack thereof) and my mentality has just evolved during these past couple of months. Before, I thought I knew everything as far as what I wanted to do, how I was going to get clients and how much money I was going to make. All of those thoughts went out the window once I went full time. There were some things that I wish I had known or somebody would have given me knowledge on before.

So for the people who are considering leaving their job to pursue their dream I feel these are some things that most people probably don’t know that I had to find out relatively quick.  So here goes.

Learning the value of business developing. For anybody that doesn’t know business developing is really just creating business opportunities for your brand. This can consist of reaching out to potential clients with a solution on how you can help them. Before I just used to wait on clients to come to me but now I actually reach out to different potential clients with something I can help them with and direct them to my site where they can see what I have done for other clients and it converts to real sales.

Planning for 3-6 months out. In business most people only see what is directly in front of them right now and not what’s to come. Before, I knew I had to plan out my moves but I rarely did it. So now I make it a point to see where I am at right now and match that up to where I want to be in 3-6 months and reverse engineer on how to make that happen. That could consist of me wanting to get into a particular space or get a particular client so I might even reach out to somebody in that space or even that person and offer to do spec work for them. That allows me to gain experience and build a portfolio. Otherwise if you don’t, when you actually get those opportunities you might know what you are talking about in theory but really knowing for sure might be a problem to close the deal.

Knowing and planning for your slow months. It’s always good to be self aware and know which months in your industry are going to be slow and either save enough money to cover that or at least get ahead of it and put out sales during this time or do something that you normally wouldn’t do. In the industry that I’m in I forgot that December and January are pretty slow months and that is due to of course the holidays and people’s pockets recovering after the holiday. So knowing that definitely helps.

Having money saved up. Being an entrepreneur there is nothing more stressful than not having money to cover your bills or things that you need to do. It is VERY STRESSFUL. So make sure you have a couple of months saved up so cover you in case you’re having some slow months. You will need this.

I feel like in this list there is something that I’m missing but since it is 1:15am and I’m fading I can’t think of anything else. Maybe I’ll end up doing a part 2 that gives a more thorough list, but if you are looking to leave your job in the next month or so these are some things you should be doing and wrapping your mind around.

Don’t say i never gave y’all anything lol

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