Under Used Strategies To Grow Your Personal Brand

January 8, 2019 therebelsociety

Under Used Strategies To Grow Your Personal Brand

In 2019, most people feel like if you are going to build a successful brand you have to have a large presence on Facebook or Instagram. Well, that’s not necessarily true if you ask me. Those are definitely the 2 biggest social media platforms in the world right now with the most people, but there are other platforms or features on those actual platforms that have eyes on them that nobody is really touching when it comes to branding themselves. So I just want to layout 3 platforms/ strategies that more people should use when it comes to building your brand in 2019.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is where I grew my name at in 2010.  Not to toot my own horn but I actually had a pretty fire list when I was heavy into handling marketing for music artists.  Having a good email list at the time was something most people didn’t really get.  Having a solid email list gives us distribution for our content which is something all content needs. Email marketing allows you to provide value directly to your supporters which makes it easier to sell your products or just let them create more awareness for you and your brand. To me, the whole purpose of building a brand on social media is to be able to build awareness on those platforms and then convert those followers into clients and true supporters but to convert you have to find a way of taking those supporters off of social media. Email Marketing is the best way to do that. If you are building up your social media following, the key is to either give them a free product that they have to put in their email address or even just create a landing page on your site where people can signup at. Once you have those people on your list the key is to providing value at all costs.  If you aren’t doing that you might as well stop now.  If you want to give away free products that your client base wants then do that. If you want to give away tips and tricks then do that. If you feel your followers love your content then give away content that is specific to them. You can really do whatever you want just make sure you are providing value.  Sidenote:  Value is the word of today in case you didn’t know.

So to me your regular Instagram timeline is the commercial to IGTV’s full 30-minute television show. It has been around for a couple of months but to my knowledge, no one has really got up there and made their claim as the king or queen of IGTV. To me, that is mostly due to having to create content vertically and if you don’t it looks completely terrible. But because of that feature, it creates a wide open lane for creators to not just give you small doses of their life but be able to show you more and allow you to create more.  One of my friends, Sanura (@sanuraofficial) has started her series where she is having a story time session on her IGTV talking about different times of her life and it is very entertaining.  More people should definitely do more pieces of original content like this.

So this one is something new that I’m personally dabbling in. Since a lot of my content is focused on entrepreneurs it only makes sense that I have a presence on the business platform.  Make sure you go and check out my Linkedin page now.   When LinkedIn first started it looked like a business platform like indeed or monster, which most people hated. Now it looks like an actual social media platform. The open lane on LinkedIn though is that most people treat it like it’s a job platform where they post about their career instead of using it as a content platform where you should just focus on providing business and entrepreneur content. Once people start treating it like that you can easily win since a lot of people aren’t necessarily posting original content up there.

So if you are looking to grow your brand and Instagram doesn’t necessarily work for you then definitely try these platforms and features and let me know how that works for you.  Question, are there are platforms or strategies that you feel I overlooked that other people aren’t using, please put them in the comments.


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