After a pretty good response a couple of weeks ago from the TRS Biz Cheat Sheet I sent out about getting more traffic to your site, I thought I would release another one. These are pretty much just simple business hacks that I have come across during my years of doing marketing and promoting. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t use these techniques while running their business but they can really help them. For this Cheat Sheet, I want to give a hack on something that a lot of entrepreneurs are struggling with right now, especially those that are just starting using social media. That hack would be to getting more social media followers. There are alot of different social media platforms but today we are just going to discuss the main platform today, which is Instagram. So this is how you can increase your Instagram followers for your company.

Say for conversation sake, lets say that you are a chef who is trying to grow your company/brand and you are looking to be the next Emeril, Chef Roble, or whoever. You have been posting some of your best meals and you only get about 10 likes and 8 of those likes are from your family and friends. How do you change that? STEP UP YOUR FOLLOWERS!!!!!! To do that you need to do the following:

– First, find all of the most influential people in that industry or the people who you follow that have a following that do the same thing. So for this example that would be your chefs, restaurant owners, bartenders, food bloggers, etc.

– Second, follow the people that they follow. It is best to follow the not so famous people that they follow. These people are either supporters of someway work in that industry. The mindset in doing this is that these people you are following are interested in food or work in the food industry that they will also like the content that you put out as well.

– Third, follow A LOT of people. By doing this, most people that you follow will follow you back. Also on the Explore page people will see that so and so is following you and then they will follow you as well.

– 4th, Delete The People Who Aren’t Following You. You might be thinking that this will leave me with a ton of people that I will be following. This is true; you will be following way more people than people who follow you. The way around this is when you are done with following people; there are multiple Instagram stat programs that you can use to delete people. I personally use Iconosquare. This program will allow you to see the people you follow but they don’t follow you. These are the people that you will need to go through and delete.

Once you do this with about 20-30 influencers in your industry you should have a couple of thousand followers that you can provide content for that will appreciate it since they have already proven to be fans of this type of work. Good luck!

PS. If you try this let me know how this works for you, by leaving a comment on this page.


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