The Spouse You Need As An Entrepreneur

March 14, 2019 therebelsociety

The Spouse You Need As An Entrepreneur

So on March 10th, I celebrated by 6th wedding anniversary. During that day a couple of things crossed my mind:

  • I’ve been married for a long time!!!!!!
  • I know she has to get tired of me lol
  • How am I so lucky?

Those are the major things that crossed my mind as we celebrated but the last thing is what really stood out the most to me. I am very lucky and blessed to have found someone like my wife. I feel like everyone should be blessed to find someone that is in tune with who they truly are and what they want to do and who accepts you for who you are. I believe when you are an entrepreneur that is magnified to another level.

I remember when I was single and was tired of dating random women (single Rashod is a beast btw lol) who I didn’t connect with that I really sat down and had many thoughts and conversations about what I looked for in a wife (especially as an entrepreneur). The things that I looked for were:

Someone who had a passion of their own. My thought process was if they had their own passion they will understand the sacrifices it takes to chase your passion and your dreams. I realized that people who don’t have a passion or dream, don’t understand what it is like to do things that don’t involve a direct paycheck.
Someone who had their own life. My thought process for this was that as an entrepreneur you are normally on the go or working a lot of long hours, so you need a spouse that supports you but they aren’t always hanging around you while you are working because they have their own life, their own interests, and their own friends.
Someone who was either an entrepreneur, have entrepreneurial interests or their parents were entrepreneurs. This is something I really thought about a lot. People who have entrepreneurial interests or really just understand the entrepreneurial life usually will get the ups and downs that are involved with what you are doing.
This life isn’t easy so having someone by your side that fully supports and understands (or tries to understand) everything you go through is the key to being successful and growing or just completely falling on your face.

Definitely, don’t plan on seeing a lot of emails about this subject but I just wanted to share my thoughts since it is something that was on my mind heavy since I just had my anniversary.


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