The Psychology Of Getting Clients

January 15, 2019 therebelsociety

The Psychology Of Getting Clients

So since I’ve been on a kick to helping people build their personal brands, I also wanted to send out some advice to freelancers, creators and pretty much anybody who works in a B2B capacity. Over my 2.5 years of being a full-time entrepreneur and having to make sure I work with a certain number of clients a month, I’ve learned some major lessons on what I need to do to bring in that work and lock down those clients. The one thing that I didn’t mention below was to do great work because come on that should be the foundation of everything we do. So here are 5 tactics to getting clients.

Have HYPE.
To put this honestly, people want to work with people and brands that other people are talking about. That means if you as a freelancer, brand, creator, etc, have done work with anybody who that client feel is an influencer, celebrity or something that is above the average person they are going to automatically want to work with you. The psychology to me is that you are doing work that is above “their level” so it automatically makes you better. It might sound crazy but this is definitely the truth. The times when I had the most people knocking down my inbox is when I just put out a piece of work that involved someone with a name. I feel like we all are like for that to a certain degree we just need to know who the people we are around that might have a name and then find ways to do work for them, even if it is free. Trust me that will lead to way more work.

Have A Portfolio That Speaks To What That Client Needs.
This one also goes into the Have HYPE section, but if you know that you want to work with clients within a certain niche then you need a portfolio that showcases that as well. Having a portfolio that shows that you have worked with top names in that niche either in your area or just in the industry overall will showcase you as an expert. Everyone wants an expert working on their brand.

Have Results.
This is the one thing that I realized is necessary when I first decided to go full time in launching my agency. People want to work with you when you can show that working with you leads to results. Depending on your price point this is necessary. If you are below the average in regards to what you charge they are mostly coming to you because of that. But when you are at the top of the average then you need to show some numbers. The two things that potential clients want to know above everything is that working with you can increase revenue and can increase awareness. So if you can prove that the projects you work on leads to more people knowing about that brand as well as that brand making money solely off of the work that you did for them then it will be a win for everyone and brands want to win instead of just spending money.

Have Referrals.
I would have to say that when I was starting out about 70-85% of the work that I got was from referrals. I feel like this is something everyone knows. The key to this is having good people who will refer work to you. That means letting people know what type of work you do and that way they know what would be a good fit for you and what type of projects you would want to work on. The other key is showing your appreciation for people that refer clients to you. I personally give people that refer clients to me, a gift card from Amazon. It isn’t much but it is something that shows my appreciation for then bringing work into my household.

Promote Yourself.
Now as entrepreneurs and creatives we sometimes put so much energy into the work that we do for other people’s brands that we often forget to keep that same energy when it comes to our brand. We often overlook that our brand needs to be spotlighted and people need to know exactly what we are doing. An easy way to do this is to use social media to show projects that you are working on, events that you are at, and people that you are meeting. All of these things will help promote what you actually do. If you are a creative then you essentially have the cheat code when it comes to this. You can create awesome content that shows what you do anytime you want and it doesn’t require hiring or bringing in the different type of people. So make sure you use that to your advantage.

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