The Lebron Effect (How Local Music Artists Should Follow Lebron’s Blueprint)

August 8, 2018 therebelsociety

The Lebron Effect (How Local Music Artists Should Follow Lebron’s Blueprint)

So if you have been paying attention to what has been going on in the world, you most definitely have seen where Lebron James has decided to leave his hometown team (for the second time) the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers. A lot of people have been upset about the move. Some people have been happy (they’re all Laker fans btw). It seems like after years of either being worried about building his legacy, winning championships and bringing a title to Cleveland, he is finally able to make some moves for himself. After sitting back and analyzing the moves he has made in his 15 plus years in the league, it got me thinking about is the Lebron path the same path that music artists starting out should follow? You might be confused right now on how I tie those two things together but let me break it down on how I got that.

Make A Name In Your City
In 2003, Lebron James was drafted to his hometown team of Cleveland Cavaliers. His first couple of years were solid. Well actually they were a little bit more than solid. He won 2 NBA MVPs, 2 All Star Game MVPs and even went to the finals (got swept but that’s neither here nor there). In those first 7 years with the Cavs he proved he was one of the best players in the world. Everyone was hyping him up as the heir to Michael Jordan’s throne and he was showing that he was indeed the man. Also during this time the city of Cleveland was getting the most exposure it has ever got probably in its whole history. They definitely won’t rocking like this when Mark Price was the man. So with music artists, everyone will tell you that when you are starting out you have to make a name for yourself where you’re at. That is really step one of How To Get A Buzz 101. Make all the necessary moves to prove you are the artist that everybody should be paying attention to. Have the best shows, have the best interviews, have the best music (I would say have the radio spins but don’t nobody care about that now) and really just be the most entertaining. So you following me so far right?

Leave To Build Up Your Credentials/ Create A Fanbase Outside Of Where You At
So with his time in Cleveland, like I mentioned before, he went to the Finals one time and got swept. By the way during this time he really didn’t have a good team at all. He was doing it all on his own. So in 2010, he decided to “take his talents to South Beach” and join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form their Big 3 with the Miami Heat. NBA Analysts killed him for this move. They were saying “he couldn’t win a ring by himself”, “he had to join another stars team”, how could he leave Cleveland. Pretty much everything negative you can think about they said it. While in Miami though he was finally able to win 2 NBA titles and you can tell he started to realize how to build a championship caliber team. Now with artists, this might be a little hard for artists to understand but once you make a solid name for yourself in your area or you have done everything you feel you can do, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE. Most people will say you shouldn’t have to leave your home to chase your dream. Well I have to say if you don’t live in New York, Atlanta or LA then you most definitely have to leave. Really for the sole fact of there not being a music industry where you are at. For the artists who I’ve been a witness to leave their home to chase their dreams, they learn so much more in making that move. They are around more people who are on the same wave length as them. They are interacting with more industry professionals and building genuine relationships with people who can make some moves on their behalf. So will just win more when you are around people that do what you do on a higher level and there is an infrastructure with industry professionals who are looking for artists. It just makes sense.

Come Back Home To Build Up Your Town
Once Lebron won his 2 championships in Miami and building a killer team in the process, his time in Miami had come to an end. He decided it was the right time for him to go back to Cleveland to bring his hometown a championship. He was able to take everything he learned by planning in Miami, building a team, and winning championships to Cleveland where he was able to bring home a championship in his 2nd year back. Not only did he bring a title to Cleveland but while he was there it is reported that he made Cleveland 500 million dollars. To me that is insane. Also just a couple of weeks ago he has created his own school in Akron, Ohio as well that benefits not only the kids in that area but was created to help parents in the area as well. You can tell he really did this to help the people in his hometown. So with artists, this might be the part that sounds good but most artists don’t try to do. Once an artist has made a name for themselves out in the world, while they are still hot should be going back to making sure their area is flourishing. That includes building up the music scene where you come from, getting other artists signed, using your money and connections to bring events and people to the area. Too many artists will leave their city and never come back or if they do it is to go back to being a regular when they have way more influence than that. You have to give back so other artists where you come from can have an easier path than you did.

Do Whatever You Want After That
So just like how I started this, Lebron recently became a LA Laker. He has stated in interviews that he always wanted to play for the Lakers. Also as he transitions to doing more film and television producing and really just overall building up his brand, being in Los Angeles is just the place he needs to be at. You can tell even though he wants to win a championship, he is really there to setup his legacy for after he retires. All this same thing pertains to artists as well. Once you have made your albums, made a lot of money and have given back and uplifted your community to your community you can now do whatever you want. Go live your life knowing that yup have not only made the right moves for yourself and your career but also the right moves for the area you are from but for the people who will come after you.

– Shod.

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