November 11, 2015 therebelsociety

The Creator Class | #SHOOTITYOURSELF with @13thwitness

Even if it means ruining a new pair of kicks, he’ll end up waist deep in the east river just to snap a flick. New York City’s very own Timothy McGurr aka 13thwitness and his Canon gear with G1 X Mark II know no boundaries. From abandoned buildings in Detroit to the unruly Everglades, the motto remains: “Explore Everywhere”. In the spirit of bold photographic acts, he’s constantly in pursuit of new adventures.

Since day one it’s been purely visual for Timothy. Growing up in artistic family, creativity played a part in his everyday life. Naturally, when the renowned american graffiti artist Futura is your Dad and Keith Haring is a family friend, you see life through a different lens. Though he never attended photography school, that proverbial lens soon manifested itself as a literal one. Once he mastered the art of stylization, that innate sense of creativity from his childhood helped him turn his hobby into his one and only hustle. With an affinity for low-light shooting, Timothy takes us under the Brooklyn Bridge after dark to get the shoot. Coming full circle, Futura makes a brief appearance just long enough for Tim to explain the camera functions.


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