The 3 Essentials For Creating A Successful Personal Brand

January 4, 2019 therebelsociety

The 3 Essentials For Creating A Successful Personal Brand

It seems like in the past 2-3 years, there has been a rise in people working towards their Personal Brand.  I really don’t know where it came from, but it seems like every time you open your Instagram or any social media platform for that matter, that everyone claims to be a personal brand.  Even though there are a lot of people doing it wrong, there are some individuals who are killing it as far as doing personal branding right.  So with the rise of influencers and social media, I have really been paying attention to what is going on in that space.  Actually, during the midway point of 2018, my company started working with different individuals to help them build and monetize their personal brand.  We have actually started to generate a name for ourselves doing that.  With that small amount of experience, we have seen that there are things that all the good personal brands are doing that is actually making their brands pop out and create engagement and interest.  So these are the top 3 things that these great personal brands are doing that is helping them out.

Good Photos

This is the one thing that most people starting out know that they need, but a lot of the people who are doing it as a brand are sometimes slacking on.  To have a brand that stands out you need to be able to show your brand visually especially on a visual platform such as Instagram.  To be honest, the key to having good photos is to actually have a photographer take your photos or at the bare minimum find someone that is really good with taking photos on your phone.  That sounds like common sense but a lot of people skip out on this.  Another key to having good branding photos is to have photos that are clean and that visually stand out.  Standing out sounds generic but it just means do something that makes people stop scrolling once they see that image, no matter what that is.  No matter what industry you are in, whatever you want your brand to stand for, having good photos is the first step in people taking your personal brand serious. 

Understand Your Brand

So depending on who you ask, the term Understanding Your Brand can be very generic or deep.  I will break this down real quick into what it means.  This is ideally the first step of having a personal brand that most people overlook.  Most people feel they can just hop out there and kill it.  Usually when they don’t get out there and they don’t kill it, is because they don’t understand their brand at all.  Understanding your brand means to understand exactly what you do, how you plan on monetizing it, who is your ideal client, what attracts people to you, what do you want people to take away from your business and so on and so forth.  These are the things that you need to know and then everything around that is answered.  Once you know what sets you apart from the competition you know you need to lean into doing more of that.  Once you know who is your ideal client you know that you need to create more content with that person in mind.  Once you know the feeling you want people to take away from your brand, it helps you know what your brand should look like visually.  When you don’t understand what your brand represents it will have you all over the place and people normally don’t support brands that are one day posting about fashion and then the other day posting about food and then the next day posting about muscle cars.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Know Your Why

Now this one is when you evolve past just understanding your brand.  You can say this is when you reach your Super Sayain form of personal branding.  Knowing your why is all about understanding why you are doing what you do.  Know WHY you decided to hop in a particular industry.  Know WHY you speak for a particular audience.  Know WHY your brand represents what it does.  Once you understand your WHY then all you have to do is create around that.  Life becomes so much clearer if you understand exactly what you are doing things for.

Personal Branding Quick Ideas:

  • Videos are GREAT!
  • Tell your story.  People are more inclined to supporting you if they know who you are and what you are about.
  • If you are doing something fun, show it!
  • Create your own social media quote templates (especially if you have a female audience)
  • Collaborate with other people
  • Document your journey/ life
  • Be available on all platforms
  • Find ways of taking your online audience offline.

Well, these are some quick tips that I have found out to be super beneficial to anyone who is looking to create a personal brand.  Hope these work out for you and since we are always seeing who are some people who are doing it right, in the comments let us know who are influencers or people with great personal brands that you feel are killing it.

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