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Sneakerhead.  According to the urban dictionary a sneakerhead is a person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks.  To me these people are very interesting.  I have never considered myself a sneakerhead since I don’t collect shoes and where I’m from to be able to get the top shoes you have to wake up 5am and stand outside of a shoe store for hours to be able to get these prized sneakers.  That has never been my thing since I thoroughly enjoy my sleep.  I used to judge people who would sit outside of a Foot Locker or an Athlete’s Foot and wait for the latest Jordans to drop.  I just never understood the thought process since the shoes would become old once the latest ones came out the following month.  So this has been my chance to get inside the mind of a sneakerhead to see why they do it, what was the first moment where they fell in love and so on.  Definitely great conversations with 4 “sneakerheads” who just speak on a couple of different topics about this particular culture.- Shod Harris

Joe Collins
Machine Hand/Make-up Supervisor (31)

When did you fall in love with sneakers?

I fell in love with sneakers about round the sixth grade when I had like every pair of Air Force Ones under the sun. You name a color I had them. Fly as hell rocking nothing but RP55 shirts lol. 

Why do you collect sneakers?

I collect kicks because it’s something I’ve always loved. When I saw my older cousins back in the day switch there kicks for different outfits. I told myself I wanna do the same. So I started copping kicks just strictly to rock with different outfits. It was then I saw my collection getting crazy. From 10 to 20 to 50 etc……. 

What is the best sneaker ever in your opinion and why?

Best sneakers in my opinion because I don’t have one. I love are Air Jordan 3s, Air Jordan 4s, Nike Air Foamposites and Reebok Question Mid. Air Jordan 3s air one of favorites because it’s a good overall sneaker that works with anything you wear. Air Jordan 4s  cause that was the first pair Js I ever had back in the day. Air Jordan 1s cause there classic, clean, sleek, and dope as fuck. Reebok Question Mid people may say that’s weird sneaker to say it’s your favorite. But AI being from VA and having a sneaker and plus doing his damn thing when he was in the league. I had to have them. Back then and now. And there comfy, dope and classic. 

I find all brands to have dope sneakers with the front runners being Nike and Adidas off course. But I definitely show love to all the brands. 



1. A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks.
2. A person with background knowledge of certain sneakers.

Maya Hockaday  

Photographer (25)

What was the first good sneaker that you got?
Ahhhh.. . Man it’s hard to pick the first. I’ve been in kicks since I was little. I guess I would have have to say the first release of the Taxis in 96. My brother and I got them for Christmas

Why Do You Collect Sneakers?
I feel like it’s a part of who I am. I’m fascinated by sneakers. To me, they aren’t just sneakers–it’s a form of art. and since I’m a creative myself I definitely can appreciate that.

What is your rarest sneaker?
Probably my Teal huaraches. I still haven’t seen anyone with them after buying them when they came out 2 years ago. 


Kory Smith

Videographer/Photographer (33)

When did you fall in love with sneakers?
I think I genuinely fell in love with sneakers sometime during high school. Once I got one pair of shoes I had to have more. So after my introduction to shoe popularity in the 8th grade I had to keep that natural high going. I also was mad that my one pair of Jordans got beyond THRASHED from one years of middle school wear so what better way to keep your shoes clean then to have a whole bunch of them. I would save my allowance and eventually when I started working that entire paycheck went to whatever pair of shoes i could get my hands on. I think as a youngster we pick up habits or things that define us or bring us some notoriety or a sense of acceptance. People liking me for my shoes was always gratifying despite being extremely superficial in the grand scheme of things. I eventually evolved into loving shoes for bigger reasons that have stayed with me beyond just wanting to be accepted.

What is your rarest sneaker?
My rarest sneaker is gonna get me in trouble. My collection has never been based on rarity. I buy what i like and i have never camped out or paid extreme resell for any of my shoes. I have paid retail or below for almost every single pair of my shoes. I am too old to camp out or spend a mortgage payment on a pair of shoes. No disrespect to the people that do it. I totally get it and sometimes am even jealous of some of the kicks i really want but can’t get. It’s just something I am not into. I love shoes and there are tons and tons of shoes i would love to have but the race/struggle it has become for the past couple of years is disheartening to a guy who genuinely loves shoes. I just want to wear them not fight over them!! However for sake of answering question recently I was able to acquire a pair of yeezys and the OVO 10 Jordans. These are limited but not extreme by any means. I just got lucky recently to get pairs for retail. Literally every other shoe in my collection you could have walked into a store or casually bought online and maybe some with a bit of extra work. I am a big advocate of wearing your shoes and buying what you like not necessarily what you think people want to see you in. There are plenty of shoes that come out that I pass on simply because I just don’t like them no matter how rare or limited they may be.

What is your favorite brand of sneakers and why?
I honestly don’t have a favorite brand. One thing i pride myself on is my collection is extremely diverse. I have shoes from over 15 different brands with Nike being the majority but not for any particular reason. My collection is filled with runners, basketball, trainers, casual, dress, and boots.

I buy what i like and that involves whatever shoe happens to cross my path in my searches. That can be general release or clearance/discounted items and all the way up to high dollar pieces. Some days its very obvious by my shoe choice that I am into shoe and sneaker culture and other days i just have on some plain ole random shoes. I genuinely love shoes and the many brands that are apart of the shoe world.

Every single shoe means something to somebody in this culture whether that’s a cultural connection, a childhood memory or how you feel when you put them on.

Kory Smith

Geravis Brown
Engineering Technician (32)

What was your first good sneaker that you got and how did you feel when you got that?
First sneaker I ever remember getting from my parents was a red, suede pair of Etonics. I was in the 1st grade and I liked them so much that my mother bought me 3 more pairs; blue, purple, and green. The coolest thing was she allowed me to wear them mismatch!

When did you fall in love with sneakers?
I think I fell in love with Sneakers in elementary school when I got the Reebok Kamikaze II’s.

What is your rarest sneaker?
The rarest sneaker I ever owned was the Paranorman Foamposites, I recently sold those due to the fact that I know longer like the look of foamposites.

What is the best sneaker ever?
Best Sneaker ever… COOL GREY 11s

I’d say somewhere near 200 sneakers are in my collection.  But over the past 2 years I’ve easily sold 60-70 pairs from my collection


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