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Sneakerheads Photoset

Over the past months, we have been gearing up for a major 2017.  So at the ending of last year we decided to showcase some of the dope sneakerheads in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  We wish we were able to get all of the sneakerheads in the area.  So with this we include the people that we feel have a great collection of sneakers.

Joe Collins (32)
Suffolk, VA


Nike Air Flight Ones was the first pair of dope kicks I got growing up. I felt fly as hell cause back then it was Penny Hardaway’s first sneaker. So I felt like Penny.

Joe Collins

Best sneakers in my opinion because I don’t have one. I love are Air Jordan 3s, Air Jordan 4s, Nike Air Foamposites and Reebok Question Mid. Air Jordan 3s air one of favorites because it’s a good overall sneaker that works with anything you wear. Air Jordan 4s  cause that was the first pair Js I ever had back in the day. Air Jordan 1s cause there classic, clean, sleek, and dope as fuck. Reebok Question Mid people may say that’s weird sneaker to say it’s your favorite. But AI being from VA and having a sneaker and plus doing his damn thing when he was in the league. I had to have them. Back then and now. And there comfy, dope,and classic. 

Maya Hockaday
Atlanta, GA

Kory Smith (33)
Norfolk, VA

I think i genuinely fell in love with sneakers sometime during high school.  Once i got one pair of shoes I had to have more.  So after my introduction to shoe popularity in the 8th grade i had to keep that natural high going.  I also was mad that my one pair of Jordans got beyond THRASHED from one years of middle school wear so what better way to keep your shoes clean then to have a whole bunch of them.  I would save my allowance and eventually when i started working that entire pay check went to whatever pair of shoes i could get my hands on.  i think as a youngster we pick up habits or things that define us or bring us some notoriety or a sense of acceptance.  People liking me for my shoes was always gratifying despite being extremely superficial in the grand scheme of things.  I eventually evolved into loving shoes for bigger reasons that have stayed with me beyond just wanting to be accepted. 

Kory Smith

The best sneaker ever in my opinion is the one you like the most! Every single shoe means something to somebody in this culture whether that’s a cultural connection, a childhood memory or how you feel when you put them on.  If i had to give my personal opinion, I think the Jordan 4 white/cement is my favorite shoe of all time.  This was a shoe that slightly alluded me throughout life.  I was too young to want a pair when they originally came out and by the time they were retroed the damn thing kept getting sold out on me.  This was all early internet so if you didn’t get them then you simply didn’t get them.  i always liked how the shoe went with everything and was such a clean silhouette.  It was one of the first Jordans i personally remember saying “that goes with everything.”  it had a sleekness to it that i don’t think many other basketball shoes have been able to recreate.  it is the only shoe in my collection that i own two pairs of the same shoe/same color.  I own the 2012 and the 2016 versions.  I will continue to purchase as many as i can get my hands on.  in general i also wear a lot of all white shoes.  I just think its a clean and nice way to spruce up an outfit.

Zack Morris
Portsmouth, VA

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