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Shooter’s Profile | Shane J. Redman


For the latest Shooter’s Profile we have a dope photographer that I had the pleasure of shooting alongside this guy earlier this year at a wedding and he definitely made it a fun experience.  So without further adu check out the Shooter’s Profile with Richmond, VA photographer, Shane Redman.

What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Shane J. Redman. By day I’m a mild-mannered government contractor in the IT field. By night (and weekend), I’m some crazy, fun guy with a camera that people apparently enjoy being around

Where are you from and how has being there affected your creativity?
I’m currently residing in Alexandria but I’m from Richmond, VA.  It wasn’t always, but during my time growing up there, the city has really blossomed into place for the artistic minds to really express themselves. There’s so many murals, paintings, musicians that are hidden throughout the city and surrounding counties that it’s kind of easy to miss while you live there. I had to move away to really see all that it was subconsciously offering me. Kind of a “it’s hard to see the forest when you’re standing among the trees” kind of deal.

Explain what initially got you into shooting?
My father. My family has always been full of talented artists. Whether it’s in music, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, writing, magic–everyone seems to have their artistic niche. I struggled with hand-driven art even though both my father and brother are very skilled. When I was young, my father and I would take these long day trips of sorts to different places. He was working at the time, but when he could, he would draw or paint the places that we went to. When I got older, I started going places on my own and taking pictures of things for him to paint. Landscapes, flowers, animals–that kind of stuff. I give it all up to my father and family.
Explain what does an average day look like for you?
As explained before, I have a 9-5, so it starts out like any other day for the average person. Coming home I usually take an hour or 2 to unwind with the wife, so long as I’m not attending dance class or shooting a real estate listing or bowling. Around 7 or 8, I’ll start editing whatever wedding, events, shoots I have in my queue and won’t stop until anywhere between 12-2AM. In the midst of editing, I’m updating my website, doing my company finances, watching photography classes, dabbling in design work, or creating snapchat geofilters. Weekends are filled with a lot of the same if I’m not shooting or teaching others photography.

What things do you look at or watch for inspiration?
Outside of the many classes and Instagram accounts by photographers, I’m usually finding inspiration on the go. Like I said before, I really like trick photography. I’m always using what I know about light and perspective to look at things differently when out and about in DC.
What is a quote or motto that you live by?
Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. – Oprah Winfrey

What camera setup do you currently use (camera, lens, other accessories, etc)?
Canon 5D3
Canon 6D
Canon t5i (Backup)
Phantom 3 Advanced
50mm f/1.4
85mm f/1.8
100mm f/1.2
24-70mm f/2.8
24-105mm f/4
Favorite Accessories
Peak Design Slide
Peak Design Lens Capture
Gary Fong Lightsphere Fashion package
2 Cheetah Stands
Phottix Odin Wireless Trigger setup
What do you specialize in or what do you enjoy shooting the most and why?
With the way business has been booming, it would look like proposals and weddings right?! But really what I’ve always loved is nightscapes and studio portraiture. I’ve been studying up a lot on light over the last year or so and love playing around with it. I recently joined a studio just so I could have access to more lighting equipment. Photography, like most arts, has a science to it. I think that aspect really drew me in further than I thought I’d go.

Since we believe that music is the center around all things creative, what are your top 3 music albums, and what about those albums that gets you in a creative zone?
Being a former DJ, this one is tough.
Songs in the Key of Life – Stevie Wonder
Graduation – Kanye West
Finding Forever – Common
All of those albums have smooth melodic songs, samples or hooks with a dash of uptempo flavor.
Who are some shooters that you follow and what do you admire about their work?
Working in the Department of the Interior, I have a real treat being surrounded by the works of Ansel Adams. His black and white photos of the parks and landscapes of the country are truly breathtaking. The contrast in his shots and his vision are really inspiring. I also like to follow the work of other local artists (like my partners Tyrone Singletary and Kevin Jones) because I find that you don’t have to be a big name to produce extravagant work. I like to talk with people about why they did or didn’t do something or if they even knew about what I was asking about. I’m inspired by my peers because that’s the best way to learn and continue growth.

What is one tangible piece of advice that you would give somebody who has just started shooting? (besides shooting more)
My advice to someone who’s just starting is: Always shoot in Manual mode. Once you figure out how to manipulate the photography triangle of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO, put the camera down and DON’T shoot a lot. I think we’ve become spoiled by digital photography. Far too often do I hear, “I’ll fix it in post/Photoshop”. Look at your everyday surroundings and ask yourself, “how would I shoot this to get X look?” Another thing is to find the photography you like and study photos of that genre. Analyze where the light source is, the composition, is there a story in the photo, where is the focus, where do your eyes go to first, where do they go last, what settings were probably used, etc. You can learn so much without the camera in hand.

Random Question: What are your top 3 Netflix shows of all time?

Netflix Originals? Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and F is for Family (to be replaced by Luke Cage this weekend)

What is next for you?
I’ve really been excelling in the wedding business, so I’ll continue to grow that. Possibly building an all-in-one type of deal with some affiliates in the business. I could easily recommend an entire weddings-worth of services, so it’d only be natural.

I’ve also started to get more inquiries to teach people who’re interested. I love sharing knowledge so maybe that could grow into a YouTube series one day.

I’d really like to grow my graduate special as well: “The Homeless Initiative”. I allow graduates in the Richmond and DMV areas to donate clothes and other necessities for the homeless to pay for their shoots.

Where can people find you?
Social: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp: @CornerstoneCaptures

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