Shooter’s Profile | Sed Baliem

January 9, 2017 therebelsociety

Shooter’s Profile | Sed Baliem

What is your name and what do you do?
I’m Sed Baliem, I go by the name of ShotBySed and I’m an all around shooter.

Where are you from and how has being there affected your creativity?
I’m from the Southside of Atlanta, College Park, Ga. To Be Precise. Being there affected my creativity in multiple ways.
I found an passion and interest in the arts.

Explain what initially got you into shooting?
I started off doing music and production which lead to me linking with various artist and people, who were all in need of a photographer and visuals. So at the age of 15, I received my first camera. Slowly I began to drift away from the music and more into the camera and visuals.

Explain what does an average day look like for you?
An average day for me? I would say; responding to emails, plotting on my next project, preparing to shoot or editing some photos.

What things do you look at or watch for inspiration?
I may grab a few magazines such as complex, fader, gq, playboy etc to get some inspiration.

What is a quote or motto that you live by?
“I believe everyone in the world is born with genius-level talent. Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at, and you can do anything in the world.”

What camera setup do you currently use (camera, lens, other accessories, etc)?
My primary camera is the Canon 5d Mark 3 paired with an 85mm Lens.

What do you specialize in or what do you enjoy shooting the most and why?
I don’t like too limit myself, I feel like I can take on any project. So I’d say I specialize in the art of freezing time.

Since we believe that music is the center around all things creative, what are your top 3 music albums, and what about those albums that gets you in a creative zone?
Top 3 Music albums, I’m definitely a Drake fan. I still have Take Care in rotation along with Views, J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only, and right now A Boogie with a hint of Alina Baraz will put me in that creative zone.

Who are some shooters that you follow and what do you admire about their work?
Shooters I follow, @vanstyles @cre8nhavok, @jsmithrevealed, and @orinary there’s a ton of shooters who’s work I admire. I admire the clarity and attention to detail.

What is one tangible piece of advice that you would give somebody who has just started shooting? (besides shooting more)
Learn as much as you can about lighting and post processing. It’ll make for better pictures.

Random Question: What is your life’s mission?
My Life mission, is too become the highest paid photographer.  I’d like to be able to feed families off of doing something I love.

What is next for you?
What’s next, is bigger projects. Looking forward to endorsements.

Where can people find you?

You can find me everywhere @shotbysed.  website;

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