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Shooter’s Profile | Samuel D’el Slaughter (@EyesoLightsPhotography)

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This week’s Shooter’s Profile features a photographer that I have known for at least the past 10 years and have seen someone whose skills have grown a lot over the past couple of years.  Now he has become a top name as far as photography in the Virginia market.  Get to know more about Samuel D’el Slaughter.

What is your name and what do you do?
Samuel D’el Slaughter and I’m a photographer

Where are you from and how has being there affected your creativity?
I’m from Suffolk VA, and being from Suffolk I grew to see the art of Suffolk when it comes to photography. It’s so many spots to shoot but yet so little dealing with cops shutting me down or places I want to get in are gated off. That drives to seek what I want and need to have the shots I want.


Explain what initially got you into shooting?
My friend Tony used to take pictures a lot, and around this time I wanted to have some pictures done of me and my car and I wanted him to do it but he was about to head off to the Navy. So that Christmas I got a Nikon L 100 Coolpix and I was taking pictures of a lot of things but in a vision that I thought of and had I my mind. Next thing I know people saying man your stuff is good you should take it to the next level, so I did.

Explain what does an average day look like for you?
Work, come home to my wife and kids, cook if needed, look at my shows depends on what day it is, work on some photography I did, or looking for a new model or a new style of shooting for a future shoot.


What things do you look at or watch for inspiration?
Jason Lanier Photography on Youtube. He has easily shown me how to get shots you want on a tight budget and how to shoot it. He also inspires me to want to go travel and make photography my job. This just travels the world, host works that people have to pay him to work with him and learn. He also has companies advertising him and sending him their newest products to text out and they sometime give it to him. I want to become more and more like him as I continue to grow

What camera setup do you currently use (camera, lens, other accessories, etc)?
Nikon D3100, stock lens, 50mm, 55-300mm, and 10.5mm Fisher lens. Also newwer flashs, and JJC triggers.


What do you specialize in or what do you enjoy shooting the most and why?
There’s really not just one thing I like to shoot cause I like all types of shoots. And if I’ve never done it I want to if I’m offered the opportunity.

Since we believe that music is the center around all things creative, what are your top 3 music albums, and what about those albums that gets you in a creative zone?
Wu-tang Forever Album, that album had a story and very lyrical on every track. And I get hype listening to a few of them tracks all the time til this day.


Bob Marley and The Wailers Babylon by Bus. Positive album, greats vibes through the whole album. Old Reggae is the best Reggae. Old Reggae is peaceful, positive, uplifting music. People that don’t listen to Reggae, old Reggae, Rasta Reggae say they don’t understand it, take the time to just listen and feel that positive vibe.

Last Album I will have to say, N.E.R.D. Fly or Die. I choose this album because it was a fun and great sophomore album. The music, the sound, the difference and mixture of Hip Hop, Rock and R&B was perfectly done.

Who are some shooters that you follow and what do you admire about their work?
Jason Lanier, love how he works, love his creatively, love his locations he picks, and just love his overall skill. Charles Long, love his creative and his skills with photoshop. Torrance Saunders, love the way his looks. Liz Osban, lots of power and meaning behind this persons work. Jared Polin, love how her go by steps of showing how’s to get the shot you want and many others.



What is one tangible piece of advice that you would give somebody who has just started shooting?
Don’t give up, keep at it. Shoot for more, want more give more. Learn from others. Always try to be better than the next man.

What is next for you?
Let’s just say “stay tuned of what’s coming next”

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Where can people find you?
On Instagram at @eyesolightsphotography and Facebook at EyesoLights Photography and
On the Facebook page Photographers of the 757 and 804

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