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Shooter’s Profile | Dante Marshall (@DanteDigital)

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This is a pretty dope interview that we had right before our site crashed last month.  So since we are back up and running I wanted to still put it out so people can get to know more about Detroit bred photographer and creative director Dante Marshall.  Check out the interview below to get to know more about this creative.

TRS: What is your name and what do you do?
I’m Dante Marshall, a photographer, creative director based in Los Angeles.

TRS: Where are you from and how has being there affected your creativity?
I moved to Los Angeles from Detroit about 3 years ago. In Detroit I did a lot of fashion photography. I also got a lot of experience working with corporations and agencies before moving to Los Angeles. I consider Los Angeles the big league. If I can make it in Detroit I was confident I’d be able to at least stand my ground and support myself as a full time freelance artist.



TRS: Explain what initially got you into shooting?
My dad is a photographer, well… Was a photographer when I got started. I’d go on shoots with him and help out. Holding the reflector and things like that. One day I asked to borrow his camera to take pictures of my girlfriend and I loved it. People loved the picture too.

TRS: Explain what does an average day look like for you?
I wake up pretty early and check my email, grab breakfast at one of my favorite café’s downtown Los Angeles and I hop on Tumblr/Pinterest or IG while I wait for my breakfast sandwich. I work for a few hours which could be anything from storyboarding, editing photos or pre-production meetings. After that I am kicking it for the rest of the day. I play Call of Duty online just about every night for an hour and I read about 30 minutes before bed. I have a routine but overall its pretty chill.


TRS: What things do you look at or watch for inspiration?
I’m always on Vimeo looking at short form videos. I am always on pinterest and tumblr looking ad pictures to pull inspiration from. Sometimes I’ll look at creative live or skill share videos while I eat lunch or take a break from editing.

TRS: What camera setup do you currently use (camera, lens, other accessories, etc)?
My go to is the canon 5d mk III with a 24-70mm lens for photography. Either that or the Fuji film xt-1.



TRS: What do you specialize in or what do you enjoy shooting the most and why?
I enjoy catching the moment that’s are not so staged. Its cool to build a fairytale world but I think its awesome to capture memories without things being so, planned.

TRS: Since we believe that music is the center around all things creative, what are your top 3 music albums, and what about those albums that gets you in a creative zone?
I love music! This year I’ve gotten into collecting vinyl. 3 albums that are missing from my collection are Frank Ocean – Channel Orange, King Krule and I just picked up Marvin Gaye – I Want You.


TRS: Who are some shooters that you follow and what do you admire about their work?
Billy Kidd, Nicolas Maggio and Kevin Sinclair are all really dope. They all have very distinct styles.

TRS: What is one tangible piece of advice that you would give somebody who has just started shooting?
If you are just getting into photography you should keep your camera with you as much as possible. Shoot friends, family and everything else that interests you. This will help you develop a sense of style and will help you grow creatively. I’d also say email your new work to people and complete projects or collections of work. That will be very helpful when you are turning your new hobby into a full-time career.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

TRS: What is next for you?
I am planning to travel quite a bit this year. I hope to work with new people in different markets and I am also working on some exciting new projects for

TRS: Where can people find you? is the best place to go to see new work from me ☺
oh and Instagram of course, @dantedigital.

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