December 13, 2016 therebelsociety

Romey-Mak’s 2 Sense Season 1, Ep.9 “The Rebel Society Interview”

Calling all Mak supporters! This week’s podcast is set for another great interview with one of my lifelong friends, Rashod Harris of The Rebel Society. Rashod Harris hails from the Hampton Roads area where he helps numerous consumers as a Brand Strategist. It’s The Rebel Society’s way of helping people reached their goals and exceeding them in the process. The interview will give listeners a chance to know what its like for a day in the life of a Brand Strategist. The show will also cover a various amount of topics that have occurred leading up to the day of the show. There’s so much that has gone on already this week, so this week’s show should be one to remember with Joe Sneaks and myself giving our take on the current events! Thank you for supporting the Romey-Mak’s 2 Sense Podcast!

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