July 26, 2017 therebelsociety

REBEL::SHOWTIME | Ultimate Personal Content Machine Package

With all of the packages that we have been rolling out lately, these have been things that we have been playing with, tinkering with, and trying to perfect at least for the past year. We feel like we have it together now so it is the perfect time to roll it out. Here are some details of the package:

In 2017 with the rise of vlogs, podcasts, radio shows, independent TV shows, Youtube series, etc, there has been a need to produce more content to make sure the fans are bombarded with content from their favorite show. This package is designed to make sure that these pieces of major content don’t fly underneath the radar.
2. Who is this package for?
Just like we stated on the previous question, SHOWTIME is catered specifically for the content creators in the world such as the podcasters, social personalities, vloggers, etc who spends their time focusing on the content that they are creating and don’t have the time to focus on the marketing or promotions.
3. What can our clients expect to receive with this package?
Our clients can expect a full year blueprint on how to build awareness around their talents, passions, stories, and skills that creates endless business opportunities. Clients can also expect a key piece of pillar content, like a podcast, radio/tv show, or a vlog, and large amounts of audio, video, and image content combined with social growth strategies, analytics, and insights for the most relevant platforms and audiences. This package will build enormous leverage for much bigger financial upside in the ways to monetize a personality. This can include anything from selling merchandise to networking new business opportunities.
Package includes: Professionally produced 3-10 min. weekly video series, 8 pieces of weekly micro content which includes video clips, graphics, gifs, quotes, etc.

To inquiry on this package, contact us regarding more info on this package. Click HERE!

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