July 10, 2017 therebelsociety

Quality < Quantity (When Quality Stops You From Putting Out Quantity)

Soooo…… a couple of days ago I got into a “discussion” (not an argument but a discussion) about the topic of putting out quality over quantity.  She stated that I don’t care about quality my only focus is quantity.  When she originally said that I was appalled because to me that says I don’t care about what I put out.  So, I had to refute that statement because I definitely care about the quality of all the work that I put out.  This is when I hit her with the phrase, quantity is over quality when quality doesn’t produce quantity.  When I said that I was proud of myself since I usually never come up with something so brilliant off the top of my head.

The thought behind that to me makes a lot of sense.  A lot of people will be scared to put out their work to the public with the fear of being ridiculed or feeling like it isn’t perfect.  I’ve seen this so many times where artists will waist days, weeks, months and sometimes years not doing anything because they want their end product to be perfect.  So, this is where my theory comes into play.  If you wait all this time on one particular project it stops you from 1. Improving and 2. Building momentum.

You have to realize the faster that you work the quicker that you can move onto the next project and the more projects you get the better you will get with whatever you are doing.  The theory of putting in your 10,000 hours is very true.  So, putting out a large quantity of projects will lead to you getting better in what you do, quicker in what you do and then be able to build momentum to get more clients.  When I say this I definitely don’t say that to put out trash or anything you wouldn’t put your name on but perfection is subjective.  You could really wait all this time to put out the perfect piece of work and your client or whoever could say that it’s terrible and then that means you have just wasted time for nothing.  With me I definitely put out a high quantity of work but to me it allows me to get better at a quicker rate as well.  My work from 2 years ago, even a year ago or even 6 months ago is completely different from what it is now and that is all from worrying about quantity over quality.

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