ORIGINALS: On Beauty & Innovation ft. Neva Wireko w/ Othello Grey | #thecreatorclass

In their words: “Beauty fuels the world. Creative ideas fuel the world.”

Photographer and Creative Director Neva Wireko is on that creative tip.
What starts with an impulse idea, she later puzzles into something straight out of our wildest, art directed, dreams. Drawing inspiration from visual arts, film, and the like, Neva’s blurring the lines between art and fashion; subsequently conquering the creative world in leaps and bounds.

Like Neva, Photographer/Musician/Creative Director Othello Grey is steady making moves towards innovation by way of creativity. A fan of the open ending, he knows the luxury of less. Giving a lot without really giving anything leaves you pondering a story long after it’s end. As self-taught creators they’re both antagonist of their own stories, opposing preconceptions of the modern day creative class. Sure to inspire we join the pair in studio and on location during a recent shoot.


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