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NU Society | Lifestyle Blogger :: Jonna Scott-Blakes

What is your name and what do you do?
I’m Jonna. On my day job, I’m an administrative secretary to a high level executive. On my time, I’m a beauty, style, and lifestyle blogger.

Where are you from and how has being from there affected you?
I’m from Newport News, VA, and I think being from there just taught me some basic street smarts. I pretty much feel comfortable and I can move around with no problem anywhere I go. It is also the reason I have and will never eat Feather & Fin because it can’t measure up to Chic-A-Sea; I can’t even waste my time or those calories.

As a child what did you want to be and why?
I didn’t have any one thing I wanted to be, and I’m not quite sure why. I called my mom to ask her, and she couldn’t recall anything either. She said maybe because I was such an ambitious child, I would try anything. My parents never tried to steer me into any particular career path. My dad always said I could do anything I wanted to do – except bad – and they’d always support me.

Where did your passion for fashion come from?
My dad. He’s super stylish – but not trendy. He has his own personal style that’s classic but still outside of the traditional. You hear of women hiding clothes from their husband and sneaking them in the house? Well that was my dad – he would wait until my mom was sleep, and then wake me up and show me a new outfit he had gotten that day. I’d help him pick what tie or pocket square to wear with a suit, and I think that helped me shape my style and think outside the box. And if anyone said something not nice about my dad’s outfit, he could care less. And that’s totally my attitude. I wear what I want.

What does an average day look like for you?
During the weekdays, I wake up around 5:30am to hit the gym at 6am. Then I’m at work by 8am until around 5pm. If I have breaks, I check emails and comments on social media and my blog, and respond. Once I get home, I take the first hour to do some tidying up around the house – maybe load the dishwasher, wash a load of clothes, or vacuum. But on Thursdays I record the weekly podcast I host with another blogger/makeup artist after work. Then after that, I’m working on the blog, whether it’s editing photos, videos, or written content, or planning out social media posts. I also manage a few other people’s social pages, and my cousin’s email marketing for her boutique. So I’m creating email campaigns for her and myself. I also take any phone meetings in the evenings after work, and If I get done before bedtime (which is supposed to be 11pm but rarely happens) then I’ll watch YouTube videos I’ve saved or tv shows I want to catch up on. On weekends, I do a lot of batch processing or bulk work for the blog. I’ll take hours to take multiple pictures and capture video footage I need for various content for the following week. Plus there is usually some sort of event that I need to attend. Or I’m traveling out of town to attend an event. When I’m in town, I do meal prep for the week on Sunday evenings as well. Wow that’s a lot. I’m missing a lot of stuff too.

What has helped your business get to where you at now?
Focusing on being the blessing. So many people are focusing on what they can get, or what they aren’t getting. I started my blog to share what I learned with other women. I’ve been able to network and build relationships in this industry because I always am seeking ways to help. Behind that, just straight hustle. I work circles around the average blogger, and I don’t wait for opportunities to find me. I get up, get out and get it.

What has been a tangible hack or a short cut that has helped you get to where you are at now?
Letting people know where I am from or where I’m located. I’ve gotten so many opportunities because I am in Virginia. I started a relationship with a brand because the Vice President of Marketing was a Norfolk State University alumni and her parents live in Suffolk. Another brand I worked with was specifically looking for bloggers who lived near Hampton University because they were hosting an event at the school. Some people think they have to be from NY or LA in order for people to connect with them, but rep where you live or where you’re from. You never know who’ll connect with that.

Random: Who is your favorite music artist and what is your top 3 songs from that artist?
I love so many genres of music, it’s impossible to pick a favorite artist! But I’ll say this…the only music artist I would pay money to see perform live right now is Ryan Leslie. My top 3 songs from R Les are: Glory, Quicksand, Guardian Angel. That was so hard! I’ve retyped this 5 times already LOL

What is next for yourself?
I’m focusing on creating more travel content for Naturally Glam. I’m also taking a hiatus from putting on my own events, and using that time and energy to focus on my own weight loss and fitness. #summer2018bodyloading

How can people contact you?
Email me at or connect with me on Instagram @naturallyglam, Facebook @naturallyglam, or Twitter @naturallyglamtv!

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