August 2, 2018 therebelsociety

Most Known Unknowns (Turning Your Hidden Treasure Business Into A Phenomenon)

If anyone knows me they know that like 10-12 years ago, I really loved the Three 6 Mafia album, Most Known Unknowns. It had hits on it like Stay Fly, Side to Side and a lot more. Besides the overall music I really loved the title of it. Even though they had been in the music industry for a decade plus, a lot of the mainstream media had no idea who they were. For me that is crazy to fathom because they had hits and were really one of the few names that was making an impact from the South. For Three 6 to get out of that phase of just staying in the background they literally had to win an Oscar and make this album full of hits. This really got me to thinking about businesses who are the hidden treasures in their community that the majority of people don’t know about but they are really thriving.

There are a lot of businesses who are currently in a phase similar to Three 6 Mafia where they are making a lot of money and the people in their community really love their product or service but the general public might have never heard of them before. Some of those businesses thrive in that phase and some desperately want to get out and expand. For the businesses that want to get out of that phase there are two things that they need to think about.

The first thing would have to be, is your brand something that can translate outside of your community? When I ask that question I mean, is the brand of your business very specific to the area or community which your business is in. I see this happen to a lot of businesses who were started in New York but then try to come down south. They try to take the same mentality as far as customer service and just quality of products up in NY and try to bring that down south where people really respect great customer service.

The main thing I feel that holds most of these type of businesses back from appealing more to the general public is really just awareness. From my history with these type of businesses they are either not on social media or they are using it completely wrong where they are only reaching their current customers. In general they aren’t doing any good marketing of their business. If you think about it, they usually prove that they have good to great service, an awesome product that people love (if they didn’t, they would have shut down a while ago) and a management team that knows what they are doing. All they need now is to put some money behind marketing and promoting their company to the masses and they would be able to expand. It is pretty simple to me but some businesses just don’t understand.

Unlike the Three6 Mafia, in business you don’t have to necessarily get a hit single for people to know you. You just have to promote yourself to people other than the people who already know you. It’s that simple.

If you are a business that I would categorize as a “hidden treasure” what are some of the challenges that you face, if any?

– Shod.

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