Momentum :: The Hidden Business Element

June 20, 2017 therebelsociety

Momentum :: The Hidden Business Element

When it comes to business the key phrases that most people mention are entrepreneur, CEO, hustle and residual income (mostly hear this from people that are trying to get you in an MLM) are the top ones that come to mind. The one thing that people don’t really talk about but is something I feel is very necessary to building a brand is MOMENTUM. I feel like momentum is the by product of hustling correctly. Most people think that you just do one thing and then you just become an overnight sensation. That really never happens.

For example when people have a viral video, what usually happens is that they release videos consistently and the numbers gradually go up and the quality and presentation are naturally improving. This leads to momentum and that leads to things going viral. You can tell when you are building momentum is because you video views start to grow, your social media followers and likes and comments go up, your business revenue increases month after month, more people are talking about your business in a positive manner, etc. So when it comes down to building your brand and your business people will tell you that you just need to hustle which is very true but please be mindful of the momentum that you are building along the way as well. Momentum is definitely necessary to grow and scale your business. You can’t have a cold business and expect for things to manifest for your business.

You have to know what helps to build the momentum for your business and make it hot. For me personally when I become super consistent with what I do is usually when my momentum goes crazy. As an entrepreneur you definitely need to be aware of what is something that you do in your business to bring in more customers and helps to build your momentum.

So question, for all the readers of this. What do you do to build up momentum for your business? (Leave answer in the comments)

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