December 27, 2016 therebelsociety

Making 2017 Great (I Wanted To Say Again But That Doesn’t Make Sense)

Now that Christmas is officially over the next big thing that is next on the calendar is New Years. As you all know New Years is when everybody says they are going to be a better person, get in better shape, cut negative people out their life and overall just say they are going to do better with their life. The New Year is usually a starting point for whatever goals people have. When it comes to business and this entrepreneur life that we live this time is even more valuable and goal setting is essential.
When I first started developing goals and actually reaching those goals was extremely hard to do but last year I feel like I was finally able to breakthrough and not only come up with tangible goals but set up goals that leads to great results. So these are some tips and suggestions to make sure your 2017 is great and start tackling goals.

– Come up with a mission statement for the year. Your mission statement should really be one word or just a couple of words that describes what you want that year to be. In 2016 by mission was Elevation, so everything I did was about just going to the next level. Once you know what your mission is then you can start developing this…..
– Write out your Top 25 tangible goals. These will be personal as well as professional. These goals have to be very tangible so instead of making goals to be “Will take more vacations”, your goal should be “Will take 4 vacations this year”. Once it becomes a tangible goal it allows you to really be able to see it.
– Reverse Engineer Your Goals. Reverse engineering is coming up with your main goal and then deciding on what you have to do to get there. Your goal could be “quitting your day job”. To make that happen you will need to say “I need to make this amount of money, I need to increase my prices, and I need 3 paying clients a month”. This will allow you to be able to see what exactly is needed to make these goals happen.
– Come up with how much money you want to make for the year. This is when things get real. Then this will determine how much money you need to make for the month, how much work you will need to bring in and if your prices need to go up.
– Don’t wait til 2017, get up out your seat or whatever you are doing right now and get started NOW!

I know this list sounds super simple but it is sometimes the simplicity that alot of people do not do.  So make sure you do these things and get ready for a great 2017.


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