June 29, 2017 therebelsociety

Lavar Ball :: Marketing Genius or Maniac

So, this week I was able to witness the overall greatness of the “marketing genius” Lavar Ball.  This week Lavar and his sons were visitors on my favorite show WWE’s Monday Night Raw. At first glance especially if you just watch popular media it would look like the craziest thing ever. From the way he walked out like an idiot, to his verbal altercation with The Miz, to his doing karate poses in the ring; it was all crazy. When you think about it, crazy is the word that perfectly describes his media appearances that he has had this year. From his saying that he is better than Michael Jordan in his prime, claiming some Hall of Famers should have been more like him, claiming his son is better than Steph Curry and more. Some of these statements aren’t really that crazy, he just has an overly amount of confidence on his son.

If you aren’t aware Lavar Ball is the father of recent Lakers first round draft pick, Lonzo Ball. He has been on every news outlet spouting these wild sound bites and has garnered a lot of attention for himself and probably unnecessary attention for his son. He has also claimed that they weren’t signing to a major shoe and apparel company like Nike or Adidas but deciding to go independent with their own brand, Big Baller Brand.

So, my question in regards to Lavar Ball though.  Is he a marketing genius or a maniac?  Me personally I feel he is a marketing genius. As somebody who doesn’t follow college basketball at all, he has made me care about his son and how he is going to play in the NBA. He has made me want to tune into anything that he is on because I think he is entertaining. He has also made me want to see what his brand, Big Baller Brand (horrible name by the way), will end up doing in the near future. Even when he was on RAW, his logo was showed on the big screens and his apparel was highlighted in the ring during his interview. So, to me what he is doing is building awareness for his brand in the most unconventional way ever and it is working.

Even though I feel like every time he has a mic in front of him he is turning up the volume, I think that every move he makes is very strategic. I haven’t cared this much about a rookie since LeBron James came into the league. To me that would make him a marketing genius, but definitely want to hear what you guys have to say about this as well. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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