December 19, 2016 therebelsociety

It Will Never Be Perfect

Have you ever thought to yourself “imma wait til I have money to start _____” or “I can’t put this out yet since it’s not perfect.” If this has ever been you or this is you right now then I have to tell you that YOU ARE FUCKING UP YOUR LIFE.

That might sound harsh but it is the truth though. Seeking perfection is the biggest form of procrastination there is. Why do people seek perfection when perfection is impossible? All that does is stop you from starting. When you are starting something, especially your passion, you just have to hop out there and just do it. You have to keep in mind that it is all about progression as well as building momentum. The best way to go about it is to start with whatever you are doing and consistently audit what you are doing. In the past year I have made changes to the Rebel Society site at least 6 times. I figure out what works and what doesn’t work and just continue to audit. Auditing is the thing that allows you to continue to get better.

When you start in essence it allows you to get better. You are seeing the things that people like about whatever you are doing and what people don’t like. By doing this it allows you to make small changes on the spot. But the point of this blog is just to stop waiting on things to be absolute perfect. Once again THINGS WILL NEVER BE PERFECT!!!! Build the momentum for whatever you are doing today, no need to hold it off.


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