August 21, 2015 therebelsociety

Inc | DJ Skee On The 3 Ways the Most Successful People Stand Out From the Crowd


A big part of my job as a DJ and radio curator is to find undiscovered talent and introduce their music to my audience.

I have a TV show called SKEE TV on Fuse where I showcase what’s next in music, sports, and entertainment, and I often feature new and upcoming artists. I particularly look for those operating outside the system, as I believe true talent will always shine through regardless of the backing of money or power. I even launched a talent search contest to find the best unsigned acts to feature on our SKEE TV stage.

As you can imagine, my email, Twitter, and other channels are always jammed with artists trying to get noticed. I’m sure the same holds true for anyone in a similar gatekeeper role. Whereas I evaluate new artists, there are investors evaluating new entrepreneurs and companies, hiring managers evaluating potential new employees, and so on.

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