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Hypebeast | 2015 – The Year of Kanye West & DONDA


Eventhough this wasn’t as in-depth of an article I was expecting, still pretty good work nonetheless from Hypebeast.

Since its inception in 2012, there is still much to be uncovered about the incredibly secretive creative agency known as DONDA, but what we have seen so far is nothing short of extraordinary. The conglomerate of “amazing thinkers” had one goal in mind — to “pick up where Steve Jobs left off” in that its output of inventiveness is seen all around us, yet with finite details and extremely meticulous design cues that take such a broad group of talent to execute so carefully. With minimalism and an impactfulness equivalent to a punch to the face ironically at the same time, DONDA’s impression on all things fashion, media, art, music and pop culture can be felt by diehard fans and newcomers alike. Its passion in expression can be immediately sensed by experiencing one of its numerous musical performances, flipping through a zine or photobook, wearing a pair of highly coveted sneakers or simply by gazing into an album’s cover art.

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