How To Stand Out Against Your Competition

December 11, 2018 therebelsociety

How To Stand Out Against Your Competition

So a year ago I recorded a video of myself that was centered around How To Take Your Brand From 0 to 100. Over the past year that has been one of my most viewed videos on all platforms (trust me I’ve kept track of it). During these past 12 months since I’ve recorded this video, I’ve developed more as an entrepreneur and a strategist in general. I’ve learned a lot of things about growing a business as well as what consumers are looking for when they are supporting a new brand.

There are a lot of things a brand can do to stand out amongst the competition (I actually have a whole list of things) but unequivocally if you are a small business that is looking to make a splash within your industry there is only one thing you have to do. That one thing is MAKE AN IMPACT.  I know you are probably saying, that is the simplest piece of advice ever, but if you really think about it that is something most brands completely forget about. 

Most founders and entrepreneurs starting out are so busy just trying to get their business off the ground, getting a logo, getting paperwork right, getting the essentials, etc. that they don’t think about brand positioning or what they can do to make an impact in their particular field. Making an impact can mean a lot of different things. To me it means that you need to look at the landscape as far as your competition and do something completely different than what everyone else is doing. That could mean creating a high end commercial, that can mean creating the biggest sale ever, or if could mean having a celebrity endorse your product. No matter what the industry is, if you did any of these 3 things it would instantly have people talking and that is ultimately what you’re looking for in business. Have people talking positively about your business is ultimately what we all want, right?

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