How To Market To Urban Culture 101

February 13, 2019 therebelsociety

How To Market To Urban Culture 101

Two weeks ago we all (maybe not all but some of us) sat in front of our TVs and watched the New England Patriots win their 6th Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams. Even though this year’s Super Bowl wasn’t that exciting (it was actually downright boring) most people were excited about seeing the commercials and the half time show. Every year the commercials and the half time show are usually the most exciting part of the game. This year (more than others) it seemed like the Super Bowl was trying to bring in more of an urban demographic, especially since it has seemed like their urban demo has slipped over the past couple of years. With everything that has happened with Colin Kaepernick and the race conversations in the NFL over the years, their numbers have definitely decreased ALOT. With the boycott of performances by Jay-Z and Cardi B, you can tell that the NFL was looking to bring in more of an urban crowd. The commercials throughout that night featured Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, Ludacris, and more.

That actually made me think about how big brands try to appeal to urban culture but more times than not, these brands are always failing. There have been too many times over the past couple of years where these big brands go after an urban demographic but what they do comes off as tone deaf. So when I originally started writing this piece I wanted to come up with a list of things that major brands can do to market to the urban culture but there is really just one thing that these brands need to do to win over an urban demographic and that is BE AUTHENTIC.

To me being authentic when it comes to business and marketing is to just really care about your audience. To me, that is understanding who your audience truly cares about or looks up to when you are looking for a face for a campaign. This is also about understanding the plight of the people that you are marketing to and not to do things that undermine that. That is also about understanding what are the new trends and fads and really figure out how you can tie the two together. If I had to really break it down I would say really know your audience or who you are looking to sell to instead of lumping all of the people of that audience together as a monolith. When you know exactly who you are selling to, then you can sell them anything, you just have to make sure you are authentic in doing that and doing it for the right reason.

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