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How To Dominate As A Personal Trainer?

In the year 2017, there are a lot of industries that have been growing at a rapid pace. Those industries include content creation, entertainment, and one of the big ones is fitness. It seems like everybody with a decent body has gotten into the personal training space. With the industry growing there has been a lot of people putting out content trying to get discovered or sell their products or get people to buy their services. Since there are a lot of people doing this people don’t know who they should be listening to. So I’ve decided to write a quick blog giving personal trainers a couple of tips that can help their online business explode and really make some real money from it.

  • At Home Workouts: On the surface it doesn’t make any sense to show people how to do stuff on their own because then they won’t need you. But if you know people then you will know by doing that it shows that you aren’t doing this for the money but because you really care. When you show that then people will want to spend money with you.
  • Tutorial Videos: When I workout with my personal trainer he always gives me a list of workouts to do on my own. He tells me to do things like Plyo lunges, 5 Position ISO, and Boat Pose. If you are like me then just by looking at those names you probably would have no idea what those are. So for people who don’t know the technical name of workouts need to see tutorial videos on how to accurately do these workouts.
  • Day In The Life Content on IG story, IG live or FB live: When it comes to personal training people love to see the trainers that they follow fully living a healthy lifestyle. With the emergence of IG Story, Snapchat, and FB/IG Live you can show in real time what you are doing. If you have a busy life then these platform features are ideal to show everything that you do through the course of your day to get people engaged.  Also with these features it is a good place where you can show things around your life like music, habits, food you life, etc.
  • Results Photos (either of yourself or clients): This is pretty straight forward but people love to see transformations. So if you used to be fat and you’re fit then this works. If you used to be super skinny and now you’re cut then this is for you.  The one thing that a lot of trainers don’t realize is that fitness is a results driven business, your clients are coming to you to get a particular result.  So if you are able to get those results then you can charge whatever you want if people know that you are such an expert that you can get them the results they are looking for.
  • Workouts That Your Customers Want:  Show different workouts for what everyday people and your clients want to see. Women want to lose weight and get a bigger butt. Do a series on how to make that happen. If you really know your client base then you will know what they are working on and usually most of your clients will be working towards the same things. Just create a campaign aimed at them and you will win. FYI when it comes to training people are doing it to get a bigger butt, lose weight, tone, and get a six pack. There you go, I just gave y’all a cheat code, now create regimens around that. It’s pretty easy.

So try these out for a week or two and see if you don’t start to gain some traction and build momentum.

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