July 23, 2015 therebelsociety

How To Crack The Code Of Building Your Personal Brand


Great article on Julian Mitchell on how to become great at developing and promoting your personal brand.

In an era where social media stars and maverick entrepreneurs continue shaping America’s ever-evolving economy – branding is everything.

Whether building a business, or positioning yourself as the enterprise – it’s critical to establish a niche and solidify your slot within an industry.

Though some have no issue being outspoken about who they are and what they do, a surprisingly large group of highly skilled people struggle with building their personal brand. Largely, in part, to not understanding the fundamental differences between marketing and promoting.

Promoting is amplifying your brand to the public to generate popularity. Great promoters have mastered the ability to capture attention and drive everyone to the party. Regardless of how good or terrible the party was, if the world showed up – the promoter proved successful.

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