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HipHopDX | Jeezy Transformed: The Snowman Is Now Selling A Different Kind Of Product


I must admit that eventhough his first album is a hood classic, he has come a long way since then.

It was a decade ago that Jeezy released Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101. The anticipation for the LP was preceded by the popularity of Trap or Die. It was in those days that the rapper from a small town outside of Atlanta had taken to running around with the head honcho of the Black Mafia Family. Out of nowhere, Young Jeezy, born Jay Jenkins, had emerged, speaking to the hearts and minds of street cats everywhere. He spit lines about coke and how to move it and what happened to those brave souls who tried to stop traffic. Think about it: in 2005, there wasn’t another rapper out that could inspire corner boys to rock tees screen printed with angry snowmen — not a single one. Had another MC tried it, they would’ve been laughed off the mic. Their mixtape CDs would have made great frisbees. No one laughed at Young Jeezy, instead, everyone wanted to be down with Young Jeezy. That’s when it seemed that the rapper had made an unshakable deal with the devil, until now.

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