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HipHopDX | In High School You Was The Man Homie: 50 Cent’s Fall From Grace

People make it seem like 50 just became trash, once his battle was over with Kanye it was a wrap for him to be honest. I can’t even think of a dope 50 Cent song after I Get Money.
There was a moment in time where 50 Cent served as rap’s greatest anti-hero. By now, we’ve all probably heard his story almost a million times. Getting introduced to the late Jam Master Jay, the legendary mixtape game, releasing “How To Rob,” getting shot nine times, destroying Ja Rule’s career and eventually letting Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ loose into the world; everything couldn’t feel more mythological. Fiddy’s Interscope/Aftermath/Shady debut dropped during the second half of my sophomore year in high school. Let’s be completely honest here, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ completely dominated 2003. That even meant also eclipsing arguably better albums released later into the year including The Black Album and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below if the Grammy award winning Outkast project didn’t count as two separate discs. Two singles from Curtis Jackson were unstoppable that year, “In Da Club” and “21 Questions.” As the dust settled from Jay vs Nas, Jamaica Queen’s own emerged as the last great king of New York. And yes, he ruled with an iron fist. Add that multimillion dollar Vitamin Water deal, cultivation of G-Unit, films and video games, the brand of 50 Cent seemed untouchable. Then several small yet significant holes started to sink the once invisible ship.

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