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HACKS :: How To Grow Your Instagram And Optimize Your Profile

In 2018, people all over the world are actively growing their brands and making a lot of money creating content, increasing their awareness and building communities using the content platform, Instagram.  Instagram has become the premiere social media platform over the past couple of years.  People who have grown large followings have become influencers who make thousands of dollars creating ads for different companies.  There are more personal brands and more businesses trying to get in on the action, more than ever before.  Since more people are focused on using Instagram to build their brands now, I thought it would be a good idea to give out some of my tips on how can people grow and optimize their profiles.  So here you go! 

Understand What People Come To Your Page For or What You Want Them To Come To Your Page For

I’ll make this short and sweet but first things first.  You need to understand exactly what people are looking for when they come to your page.  Do they want information, do they want to be inspired, do they want entertainment, you need to know what people want.  The way to do that is to see the trend of your posts in your Insights that people are engaging with.  From there you just need to create more of that content.  Sounds pretty easy right.

Appear in More Search Results on the Explore Page

Did you know that the “Name” field in your Instagram bio is searchable?  I did not know this at all.  This is actually a new revelation but if you change your name to whatever you do or your title, it will make you more searchable than if you just had your name there.  So if you are a personal trainer then make that your name in your bio.  By including important keywords in your Name field, your chances of appearing in Instagram’s Explore Page for those keywords will be much higher!  Make sure it stands out but definitely make this move ASAP.

Link to Other Profiles or Hashtags in Your Bio

Instagram recently launched the ability to add clickable text in your bio. So now when you include a # or @ before a word or account, other users will be able to click it to learn more!  This is ideal if you are a brand and have your own specialty hashtag or you are affiliated to other profile then this is the greatest thing ever. 

Add Line Breaks to Your Captions

If you haven’t noticed before if you try to put a line break in your captions Instagram will get that out of here ASAP and your paragraphs will be all jumbled together.  There is a way around it.  We recently found out from Youtube DevanOnDeck that if you use this special page break that you can add a line break.  So use this line break right here and you will be good to go.

Hide Your Hashtags in Your Caption

Instagram allows you to have up to 30 hashtags per post, but having them bunched up next to your caption looks trash.  There is a way to get around it though.  What we normally do is hit the return button and after each time of hitting it add a period to it.  Once you do that a couple of times then add your hashtags to the post.  Doing it this way will make sure that you will only see the hashtags if you literally click on the post and the comments.  Nobody wants a messy post.

Use Hashtags In Your Instagram Stories

Did you know that you can add up to 10 hashtags for each your Instagram story posts?  By adding an Instagram hashtag to your story, you’re giving your content an added chance to be seen by new audiences. Most Instagram geo-location tags and hashtags have their own Stories attached to them, which means they could appear on the Explore Page.  So to maximize on this under-utilized hack, add 10 relevant hashtags to your next story!

Share Someone Else’s Instagram Post in Your Story

Found an Instagram post that you love and want to share with your audience? Now IG has a way of doing that with the Share option on posts. To make this happen you just have to tap on the arrow button below the post you would like to share, and select “Add post to your Story.” This will then open up Instagram Stories with the post you would like to share in the center of the image. You can then add text, GIFs, stickers, and hashtags as normal.  Not only does this share other people’e posts which that person will love but it will also allow you to post new content that you didn’t shoot but it still fits in with your content strategy.

Use Linktree To Have Multiple Links On Your Profile At A Time

If you are someone who is putting out loads of content that links out to other sites then using Linktree is the ideal move for you.  When you are building either a personal brand or you are a company that is running multiple promotions at one time, you will probably want those potential customers to be able to link out to those campaigns.  Linktree gives you the option to be able to put one link in your actual IG profile but then have that link out to multiple links that people can click out to see your content and things that you are promoting.  USE IT NOW!

Post Shorter Videos

Lets just say first and foremost a lot of people have very short attention spans as we all know.  So even on the main IG timeline the maximum video length is one minute but that doesn’t mean you have to use the whole minute.  From our research and just trying out different things, if you can grasp someone’s attention in 20-30 seconds they will be more inclined to watch your videos over and over again and really just be more engaged into what you have going on.  We have all been through where we click on a video and it is the longest 60 seconds of our life.  I’ve been there a lot.  Lets cut these video lengths down from here on out.  Videos like this

Slow Motion Action Videos Are Legit

With one of our clients that we manage their socials, one of the main things that has stood out more and more is slow motion videos are AWESOME when the subject is doing something outside the norm.  Like Dave Chappelle once said, everything looks better in slow motion. So if you are doing something fun like jumping into a pool, doing something physical or anything like that and make it slow motion it will generate huge amounts of engagement and impressions.

Get Interactive With Boomerang

Boomerang is the app (it is actually included in Instagram now) where you can do short fun videos that pretty much just plays back your videos.  A lot of women use this for sassy movements.  Something that we noticed is that if you are doing something that stands out and is completely outside the norm of other Boomerangs people will check them out.  Things that are outside of the norm would be jumping kicks, lunging at the camera and getting close up, close ups, and any action sports.  These will definitely get you more views than you just shaking your hips.

Use Your Insights To Show What Works and What Doesn’t

This is something that I have spoken about on multiple occasions but this is something very simple.  So the quick and dirty for this is you would need to setup your page as a business page but once you do that you will be able to get your Insights on your page.  With the Insights, Instagram will break down how many people are looking at your posts, the demographics of your followers, etc.  The main thing I look at this for is the Engagement that my posts get.  With this feature I see how which posts get love and which posts people hate.  Usually with the posts that people don’t engage with they were pretty much the same thing, so I just stopped doing those things.  On the flip side the posts that were getting high engagement were quotes where I was very raw, photos of myself, photos of me and my wife and creative videos that I have put together.  So now I do more of that and my page is still flourishing.  Pay attention to the Insights.

Make Sure You Add A Fire Cover Image To Your Video

This is something that I just noticed that not only does it make your profile look great but it also adds to more engagement.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about when you are adding a video to your timeline, at the bottom of the screen once you pick your video there will be 3 options (Filter-Trim-Cover).  Pick the one that says Cover.  It will allow you to scrub over to the still image that you want to use as the cover image for the video.  The key to this is to find the best still image from the video.  You know what looks great so I don’t need to explain that to you but make sure you do this for all of your videos.  Your profile will thank you.


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