December 15, 2015 therebelsociety

Get Paid To Be Yourself: The Business Of Being Mando Fresko


Freedom is the new American dream. While history provides a proper benchmark for measuring impact and influence, tradition no longer determines the framework of success. As countless studies suggest, today’s do-it-yourself generation no longer finds fulfillment in impressive titles, comfortable salaries or loaded benefits packages. Though these components still serve as attractive incentives for anyone with ambition, their allure alone rarely trumps the fear of being forced to consciously exert just a fraction of your potential.

In an era defined by access and information, there is no longer an inherent pressure to chase opportunity, nor rely on the strength of a resume to land the job of your dreams. Instead, that dependency has shifted to being proactive and diligent in the pursuit of creating the dream job. Profit is important, but passion is paramount. Waking up inspired each day means more than punching the clock for a steady paycheck. Millennials want to retain ownership of their ideas, navigate their own path, and receive a fair stake in the things they help to build. One dynamic creator who precisely exemplifies this attitude and approach is Mando Fresko.

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