November 12, 2015 therebelsociety

Get Paid To Be Yourself: The Business Of Being Jon Cohen


We all have dreams. They’re the images in our imagination that provide a vivid glimpse into the magnitude of our potential. Dreams are limitless and liberating, awakening our spirit with the spark of inspiration needed to push forward. They instill a sense of excitement about the future, leaning on the ideal, instead of relying on logic. Yet, there’s a distinct difference between dreamers and visionaries.

Dreamers set their sights on what is possible, while visionaries develop an executable plan to achieve it. Visionaries are conquerors, boldly treading against adversity to attain the next level of their destiny. Vision is what transforms dreams into goals, and turns finish lines into checkpoints. Those with vision understand that there is no peak, and excellence requires a streak of consistency rarely achieved in a lifetime. This special breed of game-changers grasp the notion that some dreams aren’t worth sacrificing your purpose. For visionaries, the reward is not found in simply reaching the mountain top, but rather in the fulfillment of the climb. As a proven pioneer in music, media and marketing, Jon Cohen is a visionary who has paved an astonishing path that has placed him at the pinnacle of the industry for over two decades.

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