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Get Paid To Be Yourself: The Business Of Being Ernest Baker


I read this guy’s article on the days that he hung with Drake and it was a very dope article. Interesting perspective. Very dope interview from Julian Mitchell, really gets good at the end too.

The best brands in the world are not companies – they are the foundation from which great companies are born.

The most impactful brands are a collective of distinct interests, values and viewpoints concentrated into one intentional message vast audiences can connect with.

This message fuels a purposeful mission that births an expansive movement. From that movement – cultures connect, products naturally form and companies are organically created.

For 26-year-old Ernest Baker, the business of being yourself is both the value and catalyst of freedom. More so, it is the new business model for creators – ownership, equity and controlling your destiny. Thus, the business of being authentic is liberating, lucrative, and life changing.

As a writer, Baker is a master of conversational prose. His first-person pieces have reached millions, telling tastefully cinematic stories of wondrous adventures with friends, strangers and superstars. He’s become a staple on sites such as Complex and Four Pins.

Baker’s also a social rockstar celebrated by Drake and others as an expressive anomaly. His twitter timeline is a poetic blend of clever, comedic, subtly snark and sporadically brash commentary rarely deviating from truth. Baker’s magnetic persona powers his bi-coastal party, “The Night Shift”, along with a T-Shirt trademark “Walk In Like I’m Ernest Baker”. He’s also a skilled content marketer, serving as Sr. Copywriter at Laundry Service in New York.

Ernest candidly discusses his mission, movement, business model and the importance of limitless ideas grounded in transparency.

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