Free Enterprise Series | Andrew Nguyen of The O Agency

August 8, 2016 therebelsociety

Free Enterprise Series | Andrew Nguyen of The O Agency

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What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Andrew Nguyen. I am currently the Co-Founder of a digital and inbound marketing agency representing some of the top pro athletes in the NFL & NBA, small-medium sized businesses, and government contractors in the world. We build brands and help businesses grow through innovative and creative online strategies.

Where are you from and how has being from there affected you?
I am from the PG County area of Maryland. My time there and also as a graduate of Hampton University has given me tremendous perspective that I believe most don’t have. I grew up in an asian american household, attended an HBCU, and have worked with dozens of startups all around the country. All of that experience has given me an uncanny ability to see things from various perspectives and to provide solutions that can help any business/brand grow.

What made you want to start your business?
I’ve always been very entrepreneurial. But my desire to grow something 10x bigger than myself and to have a team that believes in that vision is what drives me to starting new businesses.

What has helped your business get to where you at now?
Every level requires a different process. Where i’m at right now is strictly because I have an AMAZING team. For those who are just starting out it may be different.


What does an average day look like for you?
I work A LOT. I don’t watch TV, I don’t go out, I grind and I am constantly investing in MYSELF. If its not making myself smarter, faster, or strong in what I’m doing then it has no point in my life. So a typical day just varies, but every activity has a purpose from reading, to meetings, to studying, to learning, and etc.

What has been a tangible hack or a short cut that has helped you get to where you are at now?
Very simple, release everything in your life thats holding you back. That can be friends, family, materialistic things, all of it! It’s very hard to fall into old habits when you keep letting it seep or stick around. Completely CUT IT OFF!!!! If you find yourself spending too much money on fast food, leave your card at home don’t even tempt yourself. If you’re too comfortable and sleep all day THROW YOUR BED OUT. That’s what I did when I first started, I slept on the couch or on the floor and it kept me at a heightened mode that allowed me to continue pushing. Throw away your TV throw anything that holds you back in your life. Am I a little radical? Sure, Am i willing to sacrifice A LOT than an average individual? Sure and that might just be the reason I will be more successful than the “average individual”


What is one tangible piece of advice that you would give someone who wants to be where you are at?
INVEST YOURSELF LONG TERM. Simple everything you do in life THINK about it and whether this is truly beneficial to you 5 years down the road. We live in a society full of instant gratification and one hit wonders because everybody is in it for the NOW. If you live by this one simple rule you will be SET FOR LIFE! And this applies to everything you do in life, think about it… if you cheat on your wife/husband just for some “gratification” Is that conducive to yourself long term??? Probably not, but you just had to feed into your own instant desires. How are you spending your time everyday? Being lazy, watching pointless news, going to happy hours … ask yourself is this REALLY MAKING ME BETTER FASTER STRONGER. Its all for the long term. If you don’t believe me then maybe you’ll listen to Warren Buffet which is the richest man on earth. DO EVERYTHING FOR THE LONG TERM.

What is next for yourself?
I’m going to change the diversity landscape in tech and entrepreneurship. I just raised a seed round of funding that values our new project at over 6-figures. If you want to learn more or be apart feel free to hit me on IG @BrandWithDrew.

How can people contact you?
Email or on IG – @BrandWithDrew

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