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Forbes | Ryan Leslie’s SuperPhone: Beating Facebook To The Scalable Personal Messaging Table

A great article on the innovation that Ryan Leslie is bringing to the industry to help people connect with their fanbase more.

Since the rapid emergence of social media as a viable marketing tool for building brands and connecting with consumers, the trusted formula for enterprising has been to grow an active audience across platforms, consistently distribute content, then monetize those audiences through sharing advertising revenue.

Though this proven model boasts countless success stories, cementing the position of many prominent influencers and corporations within pop culture, ownership of these audiences has rested in the hands of third party platforms, not the people using them. As a result, those who’ve put forth the effort to gain massive followings are found forfeiting complete control of their digital business, earning a mere fraction of their worth without any substantial equity in the relationships established.

At the same time, these third party platforms have unlimited access to the real-time trends, engagement metrics and performance reports needed to develop a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. This backend information is essential for shaping messaging, producing impactful original content and delivering custom brand experiences. More notably, such insights are the key to generating wealth in a mobile-driven digital age.

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