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Forbes | Get Paid To Be Yourself: The Business Of Being Jabari Johnson


Eventhough I’m still waiting on this guy to drop some more episodes of his Words With Friends Podcast I’ll still support what he has going on. I have been following Jabari since his HipHopGame days and he has definitely evolved over time. It’s always good seeing him drop knowledge in regards to this digital landscape.

Most ambitious people, with a perceivably important or innovative idea dwelling inside of them, dream of one day being an entrepreneur. Though the warnings are widespread and the outcome often uncertain, the exhilarating pursuit of independence creates an allure few can escape. When the image of a liberating lifestyle with glamorized perks meets a myriad of motivational quotes, many skilled people go spiraling down a painfully sobering path.

Examining some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, beating the odds is less about brilliance or luck, and more about persistent action, sound instincts and the fearlessness to trust them. Individuals who possess this unique skill set see no fear in their risks. This is not because they buy into a naïve notion that failure won’t find them, but rather because remaining several steps ahead mentally assures every tangible step is calculated; assuring each obstacle can be conquered with confidence.

From building an impressive archive of multimedia content, to founding multiple businesses and producing prominent events across the country — 28-year-old Jabari Johnson is a testament that the presumed pressure of entrepreneurship seizes once you simply take the definitive first step and never look back.

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