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Forbes | Converse Rubber Tracks: Original Content, Aspiring Acts And The Rush To Disrupt Music Marketing


Since launching in 2011, Converse Rubber Tracks has evolved from a stand alone studio for aspiring artists into a multi-faceted, global music platform.

Converse developed the Rubber Tracks program with the help of longtime agency partner, Cornerstone Agency, and the program now consists of three permanent studios in Brooklyn, Sao Paulo and Boston. Their facilities have hosted nearly 2,000 bands, with over 99 pop-up studios in 35 different cities and an ongoing live free music series. Converse also introduced the Rubber Tracks Sample Library, a free collection of high-quality, online audio samples available to musicians globally.

This year, Converse selected 84 emerging acts from all around the world to take part in the program, opening the doors to 12 iconic studios and pairing them with legendary artists to complete their projects. Teaming up with Noisey, the program consisted of an original docu-series that followed four participating acts and captured their road to stardom.

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