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Forbes | A$AP Rocky Speaks On The State Of Rap, Says Festivals Are Finally Catching Up

Another pretty dope article from Jullian Mitchell.

Festivals have grown to become the most anticipated and widely attended live music experiences in America.

Nielson reported that 32 million people attend a music festival in the United States each year, with an estimated 10.7 million of those people purchasing tickets to more than one.

Considered most popular amongst Hispanics and African Americans, 46% of those who frequent festivals are between ages 18-34, spending an average of $207 annually on the combination of live music and streaming.

Attracting eclectic crowds from all parts of the world, lineups are usually diverse. Yet, despite the prominence of Hip Hop as a genre and global culture, having rappers headline or dominate the roster has remained a gradual process.

Now, as festivals welcome a new wave of skilled young avant-garde rhymers like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Tyler, The Creator, Childish Gambino and Vic Mensa to the forefront – festival culture and rap have seemingly reached a common ground.

For Rocky, the 26-year-old Harlem native who claimed his second Billboard No. 1 album with his latest release At.Long.Last.A$AP, setting trends and staying under the radar has proven to be a healthy formula for sustaining success, while allowing his global brand to steadily expand into even greater territory

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