For The Hustlers: Make Some Money At The Something In The Water Festival

March 19, 2019 therebelsociety

For The Hustlers: Make Some Money At The Something In The Water Festival

On the weekend of April 26-28 in Virginia, we will be having our inaugural Something In The Water Festival which is presented by Pharrell Williams. This is something that has never happened before. This festival has caused a lot of excitement in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (where the event will be hosted at). There are so many great acts that will be performing such as Migos, Jaden Smith, SZA, Jhene Aiko, Dave Matthews Band and more. It’s going to be something truly special and will be something that brings in a lot of money to the area. This actually got me to thinking that there is a lot of opportunities for the true hustlers to make some real money out at the festival. So for the people who are really trying to get it that weekend, here are some ideas:

Events With The Acts:
This is a given that will happen but it is the opportunity for the promoters in the area to make a lot of money. There will be a lot of people come into town just for the festival and at night they will all be looking for something to do. Of course, we all know that the Migos will be a big name club ticket but with so many artists and the area has so many different types of events it can open up a couple of different possibilities. In the area, we have a traveling party called Traptastic which is centered around up and coming trap artists with a rowdy young demographic. One artist on the bill that would fit perfectly would be Jaden Smith. To me, that event would be crazy. Another event that is in the area is What Happened To RnB, which is centered around RnB music. So having that event with performances from Jhene Aiko, SZA or Janelle Monae (or all three) would sell out instantly.  Other event ideas would be different celebrity hosted brunches, speaking engagements, happy hours, etc.  This festival opens up different possibilities that the area hasn’t seen before.

Festival “Inspired” Merch
This is an idea that is pretty simple. Of course, there will be official merchandise vendors all over the place but if you have a clothing brand it would behoove you (I always love using the word, behoove lol) to create your own original piece centered around the festival that you can create and make some money from.  I would even go as far as to say create your own bootleg festival tour shirt. As someone who is into old school 90s concert tees, I would definitely buy one.

This is another obvious one but it’s something I know a lot of people won’t do. The festival will be held on the VA Beach Oceanfront which is always very congested and there will be a lot of people staying in hotels that are down there. So just for the people that are down, there will be a lot of walking. So there is a lot of money that can be made off of Uber/ Lyft
or how they do in larger cities, bike taxis. There is a lot of money to be made down there for Uber. If you have a good bike and some strong legs then riding people around on your bike could make a lot of money for you.

So these are just a couple of quick ideas off the top of my head that could really make some money for the people who are really trying to hustle that weekend.  I know there are some ideas that I might have forgotten about.  Let me know what is another idea that I might have forgotten about that would make some money.

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