September 25, 2015 therebelsociety

Daniel Arsham on the Ideation & Creation of “Fictional Archeology”

Opened on September 11 at Hong Kong’s Galerie Perrotin, “Fictional Archeology” is Daniel Arsham‘s second showing in the city, and tenth project with the Parisian gallery. True to its name, the body of work takes inspiration from the Mt. Vesuvius eruption of 79 A.D. which froze the now infamous Roman inhabitants of Pompeii in volcanic ash for eternity. Taking the morbid visuals of the ash-bound corpses and applying them to modern-day figures and objects, Arsham thus creates a self-reflective look at our society through the lens of the distant future, while simultaneously tackling the themes of destruction and creation through the medium of crystal, selenite and volcanic ash. HYPEBEAST caught up with him at the exhibition for a first-hand explanation of his ideation process for the pieces, his artistic journey thus far, and the meaning (or lack thereof) behind his work.


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