April 4, 2019 therebelsociety

Blueprint : How To Build A Successful Podcast

It seems like every time I log into Instagram, someone has a new podcast that they are starting. For the past 5 years, podcasts have been on the rise, especially within urban culture with podcasts such as Brilliant Idiots, The Read, Tax Season, Drink Champs and The Joe Budden Podcast all making large impacts within the culture. All of these have gotten to the top of their industries by being something completely outside of the box and providing something different for the culture. So with this edition of The Blueprint, I wanted to give the breakdown of what these popular podcasts are doing at their core that all podcasts should be doing.

Whoreible Decisions Podcast, Joe Budden Podcast, Flagrant 2, Its The Real

Have An Identifiable Niche. With podcasts, you don’t necessarily have to be over the top entertaining on every episode but you do have to provide some type of value. With all of the major podcasts, you have to have a certain noticeable niche in whatever industry you are speaking about that can be seen. Your niche can be black guys talking about wrestling, celebrities talking about real life issues, men speaking honestly about relationships, black women talking about sex, etc. You can’t just be friends talking about current events because that has been done multiple times.  We have seen that! Have something that when you mention it to people outside of your circle that they can tell this is something completely different.  The podcast that really stands out the most to me when it comes to this is Whoreible Decisions.  They are two black women who talk candidly about things such as threesomes, pegging, and just overall their over the top sex experiences.

Have Guests That Can Add Something To Your Niche. The way to increase your presence on your podcast is having guests on. If you are in an area where you have a lot of influential people then having those people on your podcast will definitely help especially if you can get them to speak about things that no one is talking about or you rarely get to hear that person speak of. If you are in a small area, then just having people who are knowledgeable, comfortable and entertaining speaking about your niche would work. Sooner or later, your audience is going to want to hear more than your voice speaking on this particular topic so bringing in other people will be key.  Examples of this would be Whoreible Decisions as well as the Joe Budden Podcast and Flagrant 2.  These podcasts don’t always have guests on them but when they do you know it will be a guest that adds to the conversation and they already know how the flow of the podcast goes.

Be Consistent. This is something that people know they need to do but often times people fail. That is just being consistent with putting out the content. Being consistent and outworking people is the one thing you are in control over so put in that work to put out episodes at least once a week. All of the top podcasts have this one thing in common, they will at least put out one episode a week (some even do two). Podcasts such as Flagrant 2 and Whoreible Decisions have set up a paywall where you have to pay to get two episodes a week.

Build Your Community & Give Them A Different Experience. I say this with whatever I do, once you know who your audience is you can sell them anything. When it comes to podcasts, when you know who your audience is, you can create podcast episodes that you know what they really want to hear. Stop trying to be for everybody. If you have a niche you aren’t for everybody. Create an online community for your supporters. Create merch just for your supporters. Create certain episodes just for your supporters. The podcast, ItsTheReal did this when they knew that their audience grew up on Roc A Fella Records so they had a live show with some of the key people from Roc A Fella. Whoreible Decisions has live shows where their fans come on stage and try out sex positions. It is all about giving them a different experience.

Monetize Your Community. This is the final stage of having a successful podcast. That is finding different ways to make money off of your podcast. We have seen it from all of the examples of getting ads from different businesses. The Joe Budden Podcast signed a major deal with Spotify. ItTheReal podcast has exclusive merch plus live shows. Whoreible Decisions and The Read have crazy live shows. Flagrant 2 has live shows, merch and they make money by having a strong Patreon (Patreon is when people can pay for your free service and with that, they get additional content.) There are ways to make money you just have to think outside of the box.

So this was my blueprint for how to build a successful podcast. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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