January 10, 2017 therebelsociety

Being On The Offense Is More Important In Business Than Sports

Over these last 6 months since I’ve left my job I feel like I have learned a lot about myself, from things such as what motivates me, to facing my fears, to handling business and so on. With handling business (since that is the reason y’all come to this blog for) I’ve learned a very valuable lesson that entrepreneurs should always keep in mind and that is to be always be on offense.

You probably aren’t sure what that means. As somebody that is very much so into sports (actually my love for sports is dwindling but I’m still very competitive) I realized that all of the top franchises in sports have always had killer offense. Most of them had great defenses in the world too but I can’t really think of dominate sports franchises that didn’t have great offense. There were a couple of teams that won a championship with mediocre offense but none of them were great (I’m looking at the 04 Pistons right now).

In business and as a entrepreneur you have to stay on the offensive. You might be thinking to yourself “what does that really means?” Most businesses and entrepreneurs get very complacent and they don’t do anything new with their business, they just stay steadfast with what they been doing for 5, 10, 20 years and get upset when a new business comes in and takes the customers that they had. It happens everyday. Once they lose their customers and realize that money isn’t coming in like it used to that is usually when they start to switch things up. Which is a horrible thing to do. This is being on the defensive. The offense would be, even though you have customers you give them stuff for free, you continue to improve customer service, you become more efficient, etc. Right now even though I have clients I still am not receiving the work that I would like so I’m doing spec work for clients that are in the realm for work I want The Rebel Society to be doing 3 months from now.

Being on the offensive allows you to continue to bring in new clients as well as treat the clients that you have now better and doesn’t everybody want that as opposed to getting greedy, not giving your clients the service they need and eventually losing them. Which would you chose???

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