A New Phase Of The Rebel Society

December 26, 2018 therebelsociety

A New Phase Of The Rebel Society

Today I am pleased to share some exciting news about The Rebel Society.

Before I get to the news, I want to share with you my journey over the past year. At the end of 2017 I made a conscious effort to stop being a jack of all trades and master what I was born to do. I was doing a little bit of everything from websites to photoshoots to creating Apps and more. When 2018 came in I made a decision to be intentional with my time. I began to focus on the things that I excel in and the things I wanted to become the foundation of my company. Those things were creating video content and social media marketing. This newfound determination allowed me to come out the gate HOT, dropping some of the best video projects I have ever done, while still working to improve my process. I was meeting new clients and working on creative projects, I felt like I found a great rhythm, then March and April came.

March and April came, since I’ve been in business, l was aware that these were the slower months of the year. This year felt slower than normal, there was very little revenue no coming in, but my financial responsibilities were still present. There were moments when I was barely eating, trying to work through it. I was stressed out, but l knew the best course of action was to get out of the funk I was in and grind. I shifted my focus once again, retained some great clients, worked on awesome projects of my own, and started doing more social media management. During this time I made it an effort to go after the things I really wanted and to do that I knew it was important for me to learn more from people who have experience running agencies and companies.

I was able to learn from some great businessmen and women they showed me that I was doing this whole agency thing ALL wrong (lol). Instead of working to meet my needs, I needed to work to thrive, build capital, and expand my reach. One piece of advice that remained consistent in my talks was, “there is only so far you can go on your own.” That resonated with me because I was doing everything on my own. I was the secretary, lead generator, sales team, marketing strategist, web designer, videographer, photographer, finance manager, content developer, and owner. I had several deadlines to meet weekly, and this became an ever-evolving cycle of stress.

So that brings me to where I am at today. That line of “there is only so far you can go on your own” has been on a loop in my head for the past couple of months and l have decided to change that narrative.

So as of December 23, 2018, I, Rashod Harris have partnered with entrepreneur Ray Perry who will now serve as Director for The Rebel Society. With the addition of Ray Perry, our vision is to serve small businesses and burgeoning personal brands who are looking to step into our world of innovation, creativeness and aggressive content distribution targeted to millennials and people who are outside of the norm. So with that being said, we have a lot of big things coming very soon and some changes to the way TRS has been known or seen to the public before. We aren’t just here to survive, we are here to thrive and become the go-to agency when it comes to outside of the box digital media marketing.



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